Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman in love? "Messaging" from afar

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman in love? "Messaging" from afar

Are they really in love or are they sowing clues on purpose to get publicity? Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman launch "little messages" from a long distance, suggesting that the passion between them continues, even if they are far away. "Despite the rain, the sky over Rome smells like dreams." wrote the presenter shortly after the Roma-Inter match. Now Can Yaman posts his suitcase with the same writing...

She enchanted with her "Olympic" beauty from the stadium and in the margin points to an unequivocal caption. He thinks it and posts in the Stories custom luggage with the same phrase. It is certainly not a causality. The two are thinking about each other and sending each other signals by code. And it's not even the first time. A few days ago, during a radio episode that Leotta leads with Daniele Battaglia, a Turkish song was played in the background and the two exchanged jokes. Diletta said, "Do we say hello to him Can? He's hearing us." 

However, the actor's fans do not like the news entry and fear that the beautiful hostess could make fun of him. So was the social storm of Can's followers,  That he was forced to block Instagram comments for a few days. Now he's back to publishing posts from admirers who couldn't wait to write. And they also get busy putting little hearts on other profiles: will it be a case that they filled Leotta's mom with likes?

And then there's the love melody, the one that has already been dubbed as the couple's song. Can Yaman shared in the Stories "Napoli no Yoru" (A night in Naples) just the day in which Leotta was in the Neapolitan capital to follow the Napoli-Fiorentina challenge. And Diletta had shared the same song before landing in the city. So many clues make a certainty: real passion or love spot?


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