How the most wanted man trains#canyaman

How the most wanted man trains#canyaman

Muscle for leg power, push-ups for the biceps, and lots of running. in a park in the capital, and alone, as per anti-count rules, the soap macho star keeps fit. that's why for him the fans forget even the pandemic.  

Rome, January will be there to smooth the muscles to be shown as the new Sandokan, which will shoot in the summer, or just to keep beating the hearts of the audience of the soap films shot in his Istanbul, which for some seasons have filled Mediaset programming and streaming. the fact is that Can Yaman is macho even in winter when he cannot fear the cold and trains in a park in the center of the capital. graduated in law, master of four languages, he applies himself to taking care of both legs and arms for his fans who, as we see in the following pages, do not fear covid just to approach it on the occasion of the set of a commercial. 

Runs in a tank top in the middle of winter reserved bending for the chest and arms strong exercises Rome.

On the right, sexy Can Yaman, 31, satisfied with his training, shows himself in a tank top even in the middle of winter. dark, dressed in black, he is also alternative with those rings on his right hand. but he is not afraid, he is single for now. above, he is a sequence of balancing leaps on a low wall. above, left, in runner version. here to the left, unfailing bending over the arms that he defined.

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