The best thing about the weekend? Can Yaman guest on C'è Posta Per Te, a real love at first sight

The best thing about the weekend? Can Yaman guest on C'è Posta Per Te, a real love at first sight

Can Yaman is the man of the moment and his appearance on C'è Posta Per Te, with a record audience, is the proof. The actor of Daydreamer - Le Ali Del Sogno was really talked about in the last weeks after his fleeting appearance in Rome, where he landed not only for the recording of the De Cecco commercial (where he appears alongside Claudia Gerini) directed by Ferzan Özpetek but also for a romantic meeting with Diletta Leotta, with whom the handsome Can was caught during a romantic dinner. Could she be his new, very lucky girlfriend? 

According to many, yes, especially given the continuous "love messages" that Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta seem to send each other from a distance, publishing super romantic phrases worthy of William Shakespeare and accompanied by very sweet songs.

Today Yaman is back in the news but this time not because of his alleged flirtation with the DAZN host but, instead, because of his touching appearance on C'è Posta Per Te, where the Turkish actor showed his most human, sensitive, and sweet side. In fact, Can was present in the studio as a "gift" for a fan who, after the death of her twin sister, is taking care of her niece with love and dedication and in order to say thank you, wanted to organize a surprise meeting with the Erkenci Kuş star. 

Yaman visibly moved and excited by the story, once he appeared in front of the fan he certainly didn't spare himself and after giving the woman a tea set "Daydreamer style" and a new cell phone with a cover with his face on it, he decided to open his heart to the woman and to the public, telling them about his difficult childhood that saw him grow up with his grandmothers because of the difficult economic situation of his parents. A situation very similar to the one told by his fan's granddaughter that, most likely, has linked the woman's story to his own, to the point of making Can take the decision to want to make a new life.

Can Yaman in C'è Posta Per Te 2021 | English Subtitle

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