Answer from Barış Arduç to the words of Bestemsu Özdemir: Don't throw me in the ball!

Answer from Barış Arduç to the words of Bestemsu Özdemir: Don't throw me in the ball!

The actor Barış Arduç (33), who is happily married to his colleague Gupse Özay (36), was at the lenses in Levent the day before. Barış Arduç, called by journalists for an interview, said: "I have to hurry and go home before the traffic starts.

According to Bestemsu Özdemir's statement "Leaders are selected according to the number of followers", the famous actor avoided controversy by saying "Don't throw me in the ball!".

Bestemsu Özdemir, who was stuck with the lenses in Nişantaşı, talking about giving more roles to actors with big followers who actively use their social media account, "They've been watching this for years, I think the whole industry has realized that Instagram and television are different.We've seen in many projects that there is no equivalent on TV, that there are millions of followers who haven't received a response on TV." 

The famous actor said: "Someone has a thousand followers, but he's an actor, he doesn't appeal to teenage audiences, so he has a thousand followers, that doesn't mean he's not a good actor. Instagram is another sad world to compare with because we do it with our hearts.

Saying "We are the sectors that do business with our soul", Bestemsu Özdemir said: "This is not something we do online.I haven't heard anything like "let's get enough followers", if any, for these sad actors.I don't need to be active on social networks, as long as I do my work right on television," she explained.

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