Can Yaman gets married! Proposal with air massage, Tiffany ring, and mother-in-law's benediction

Can Yaman gets married! Proposal with air massage, Tiffany ring, and mother-in-law's benediction

Can Yaman is going crazy. And he is crazy, but for Diletta Leotta. We're sorry to say it this way. Maybe it doesn't suit some of you, but what it is, is what it is. The actor has fallen in love and goes with all his heart. It was not enough for him to officially present her on social networks and make a declaration of love for Valentine's Day, as we already told you here. 

It seems that Can Yaman is getting married. It's hard for us to even say it, but yes. The actor has asked for his girl's hand. And he has not lacked any of the most cliché elements: a big proposal, Tiffany ring, and the approval of his mother-in-law.

Let's start with the proposal, which has us crazy because we thought that only existed in the movies. The marriage proposal has taken place in the air. As you read it. We had no idea this guy could be so romantic, but he is. Can has asked for his girl's hand with a message in the sky: "Diletta, mi vuoi sposare? Ti Amo. Can.

" Or what is the same: "Diletta, will you marry me? I love you. Can." And no, it's not a coincidence and that there are two couples with the same name. The video has been shared by Francesco, a friend of the actor. So, much room for doubt there is not.

According to rumors that circulate through Can Yaman's numerous fan accounts, the proposal would have taken place on February 15, just a day after posting the photo of the two with the sunset behind them. The couple was having lunch at Il Fungo restaurant, located on a hill, so it has panoramic views. 

What we don't know is if upon seeing the proposal, Diletta was able to stop herself from choking on the spaghetti. And as we are sure that the presenter has said yes, we have to admit it: Can Yaman is getting married.

But just in case you had any doubt that it could be them, Can and Diletta, Diletta, and Can, we are going to show you some exclusive photos that will make it even clearer. Because the actor has gone shopping with his mother-in-law. And beware, there we already have a clue that the mother-in-law approves of the relationship. 

And maybe we don't care about that here, but if you have seen Turkish series, which I'm sure you have (and I dare say quite a few), you will know that in Turkish culture the approval of the family is very important.

But be careful, they didn't go shopping at Primark for some t-shirts. These photos are from a few days before the engagement. And mother-in-law walked into Tiffany, Tiffany! The same jewelry store used in Breakfast at Tiffany, the same place many women want an engagement ring from. Right there. So we have no proof, but we also have no doubt that Can Yaman and Ofelia Castorina, as Diletta Leotta's mother is called, went in to buy an engagement ring. It's as clear to us as two and two make even four.

This also shows that Can Yaman is generous. Because Tiffany engagement ring are not lower than 39,000 euros. And for some of them, he does not put the price on the web, lest we get dizzy to see it.

 But for his girl the best and the best, the top. Which one will Can have chosen? Well, taking into account that he is not simple in his day-to-day life and in his way of dressing, we bet on a good stone, which looks good.

Although it should be noted that the actor has taken his mother-in-law for advice. And no one better than a mother to know the tastes of her daughter, so maybe she has stopped her feet and it's a ringless Can style. We will have to be very attentive to the first image of Diletta with her engagement ring to resolve the doubt.

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