Can Yaman is already under the mood of ''Sandokan'': how he prepares for his role

Can Yaman is already under the mood of ''Sandokan'': how he prepares for his role


Attentive, because the countdown has already begun for the filming of Sandokan, the remake of the 70's series that Can Yaman will star in. It was a matter of time before he had a big project in Italy and it has already reached him. So excited is he that he is preparing thoroughly to be able to give his all when the klacket in his ears says "Action!" Can Yaman is already in Sandokan's role.

if you saw Erkenci Kus, you are going to love this. Because Can Yaman is growing his beard and hair again to become the perfect pirate. So we'll go back to the bun and ponytail times. And yes, we must admit that many knew him with that look and fell at his feet. But to the bun and the beard, you have to add a turban. So be careful, the image can improve x1000. We see it, we see it.

But of course, Sandokan's character is more than a look. For those of you who don't know, it was a series that founded it in the 70s. And he was a very cool pirate, very cool, and who dared to do anything. So we're going to see Can Yaman doing a lot of things that he's not used to. One of them, handling a samurai-type sword, one of the most dangerous. And it seems that he is not bad at all on this.
To become Sandokan, Can Yaman is also learning to ride a horse. And we can't like the name more: Ginebro.
And beware, it's not that we have drawn in hasty conclusions, really. That his own father, Mr. Guven Yaman, the creator, has also put it on his social networks: "My son works for his role." What else, no, but as a son, you can boast, right?

We imagine Can Yaman riding a horse with his hair blowing in the wind and we can't think of anything else than this: "How excited we are till Sandokan is released"

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