Can Yaman, Kerem Bürsin... the handsome Turkish actors who will steal your heart

Can Yaman, Kerem Bürsin... the handsome Turkish actors who will steal your heart

Turkish series are multiplying in the television network and it seems that they are here to stay. The romantic plots marked by impossible love stories, betrayal, and dramatic twists and turns have hooked thousands of viewers, turning their stars into idols not only in Turkey but halfway around the world. The perfect cocktail is made up of attractive protagonists, who fight against almost always adverse circumstances to make a dream come true. Now that one of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine's Day, is approaching, we review the names of these actors that we fall in love with the most when we press the button.

Let's start with Can Yaman, who opened the doors of Turkey to many viewers thanks to Erkenci Kus: At the age of thirty, the actor, who gave up a promising career in law to pursue his passion, has done nothing but make people whisper. Passionate about sports and in excellent shape, one of his main attractions without a doubt, Yaman has become the protagonist of a powerful fan phenomenon that is spreading throughout Europe. The country he visits, the country that goes crazy, as we could see when he visited Spain. During his walk through Madrid with, just over a year ago, he assured that his heart was free, although recent photos with Italian Diletta Leotta indicate that she is the lucky one who occupies it now. Divinity is currently airing Matrimonio por sorpresa, one of his first fictions.

(Afili Ask)Trampa de Amor, the story of two young people from opposite worlds who fall in love in the most unexpected way, is broadcasted every afternoon on the same channel. We won't tell more so as not to make spoilers. The male lead is Çağlar Ertuğrul, whose first career choice was not acting either. He is 33 years old and trained as a mechanical engineer at Koç University. He likes cats, has one that he loves, luxury cars, and spending the day in nature. One of the actors he admires is Jake Gyllenhaal, whom they say he resembles. What do you think?

Kerem Bürsin is one of the artists almost as admired as Can Yaman. He stars in the series Love is in the air (Sen Çal Kapımı), which premiered on Mediaset just a few weeks ago. He is 33 years old and has led a nomadic life that took him, as he listed in HELLO! Turkey, from Abu Dhabi to Texas, or from Indonesia to Norway. He graduated in Communication and Marketing, but one day it became clear to him that he wanted to get in front of a camera. He admires actors such as George Clooney, Muhammad Ali, and Viggo Mortensen. His hobbies include sports, photography, and writing scripts (in fact he has one he has been working on for four years).

My Home follows the story of Zeynep, a girl born into a humble home who is adopted by a wealthy family. However, she will always feel out of place, until years later, when she becomes an intelligent, beautiful, and cultured young woman, her biological mother decides to take her back. Together with her real family, she will meet the love of her life, Medhi (Ibrahim Celikkol). The artist has been a celebrity in Turkey since he starred in his first series in 2008, although he has not stopped working since then, even shooting a movie. His family is his passion as he shows in his social profiles posing with his wife, architect Mihre Mutlu, and his son, Ali, who is one year old.

Furkan Andıç is Tankut in the series Sweet Revenge (Divinity), a man who after leaving the country and his studies because of a woman's rejection sees the opportunity to take his revenge when their paths cross again (he has become a successful chef). Furkan confesses to being a positive person who is happy with the little things. 'I'm not one to live in exaggeration. Many people who know me can say so' he assures. One of the wishes he has he expresses it like this: 'To leave everything aside and settled on a tropical island'.

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