Can Yaman, uncomfortable mishap during filming: 'Accident on the way', he shows just like that

Can Yaman, uncomfortable mishap during filming: 'Accident on the way', he shows just like that

Can Yaman, unpleasant incident during the filming of Sandokan: the Turkish actor shows just so to his supporters.

Can Yaman is the real actor of the moment. Having made himself known and appreciated in Italy thanks to the Turkish soap operas in which he was the undisputed protagonist, Can was able to conquer, from the very first moment, the immediate attention on himself. Become, in a real flash, a point of reference, the beautiful Can Divit of Daydreamer has ridden the wave of success. 

So much so that, as told in one of our recent articles, together with Luca Argentero, has also been chosen for the filming of a new work project. Entitled 'Sandokan', the new commitment would seem to be really amazing. Of course, we don't know when it will air, let's be clear. 

The fact is that, from what we see from his latest Instagram Stories, it would seem that filming is taking place these days. Here, but do you know what happened a few hours ago? As shown by the person concerned in one of his recent Ig Stories, it would seem that there has been a real accident during the shooting. Nothing serious, let's be clear. Rather, let's try to understand everything in detail.

Can Yaman, accident during filming: what happened
Despite the fact that in recent weeks Can Yaman has been super talked up about his love affair with Diletta Leotta, the Turkish actor has never lost focus in his work. Engaged in the filming of Sandokan, the handsome Yaman never misses a chance to show off to his supporters during the shoot.

Several days ago, for example, we saw him about to mount a horse. And a few hours ago, instead, we saw him in action. Here, but did you know that, just during these last shootings, Can has been the protagonist of a real 'accident' of path? Yes, you read that right: Can Yaman got hurt while filming some scenes. 

Or, most likely, while he was training. So, what exactly are we talking about? Obviously, as we said before, nothing serious happened at all, rest assured. The fact is that the handsome Turk could not help at all to show his supporters what had happened. What exactly are we referring to? Are you really curious to see it? Let's find out together.

From what we can clearly see then, Can Yaman hurt his hand. We don't know what exactly happened. And how he got it. The fact is that, as we can see from the picture, the actor immediately proceeded to immerse it in a bucket full of ice. 'Accident on the way,' says the handsome Yaman.

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