Can Yaman's CrossFit workout for building upper body strength

Can Yaman's CrossFit workout for building upper body strength

Can Yaman works out in the gym doing handstand push-ups, the star CrossFit exercise with which the actor works on his pecs, arms, and abs.

Can Yaman's throne as king of Turkish soap operas has been threatened twice with the arrival of two new hotties with a good chance of winning the public's approval. However, Can Yaman is Can Yaman and the Turkish actor has withstood the onslaught of Kerem Bürsin, the new beau, and Furkan Palali, star of 'Room 309', and continues to be the most desired Turkish actor by the viewers of these series. His work hard earned him the throne... and the muscles not to falter in anything. The actor has shown that he continues to show off a spectacular physique, getting bigger and bigger. The latest demonstration of this has been a few days ago with a video training in the gym in which he reveals the CrossFit exercise with which he crushes pectorals, abs, and arms.

This is the handstand push-ups or head-down push-ups, one of the star exercises of CrossFit with which to gain strength in the upper body. Normally, only the bodyweight of each person is involved and it is performed against the wall, but there are some variations to increase the intensity; for example, in rings, with a deficit or adding a weighted vest to make the exercise harder and make your arms and shoulders much stronger. In the case of Can Yaman, he opts for the standard way: with his own weight and against the wall.

How to do handstand push-ups or head-down push-ups

Whatever variation you choose only determines the intensity but not how you do it. The handstand push-ups is an exercise that starts with your head on the floor and moves to a full extension of the arms and hips. The technique is very important to avoid injury and having the necessary strength is key to being able to propel your own body. 

We recommend starting with the strict type if you see that your strength is not enough to propel yourself. This way you will be doing these push-ups in reverse, that is, starting from the final position of maximum extension and then flexing your arms.

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