Che dio ci aiuti 6: CAN YAMAN guest star, soon on set! (TV Soap Preview)

Che dio ci aiuti 6: CAN YAMAN guest star, soon on set! (TV Soap Preview)

As is well known, Can Yaman's career is more and more linked to Italy: the actor, who has become very popular in Italy (and not only) thanks to the series in which he has participated in Turkey (including Daydreamer), knows the Italian language very well and this enables him to take part in Italian TV productions without any problem (as was noted in his recent guest appearance on C'è posta per te).

And not only that: it's already known that Can, who lately has been seen in a commercial for a well-known brand of pasta, will be an essential part of an upcoming fiction production that will bring back the legend of Sandokan, very beloved by those who were children in the 70s.

But apart from all that, now comes a very interesting indiscretion for the fans of the charming actor, which we bring you a preview: it seems that we will not actually have to wait for Sandokan for his debut in the Italian fiction, because for him in that sense there will be an opportunity in an absolutely shorter time than we supposed.

From sources that we believe to be reliable, in fact, there is a rumor that Can Yaman will be this week on the set of Che Dio ci aiuti 6, where he will remain two days (February 17 and 18) for participation as a guest star that we will see soon.

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