Che Dio ci aiuti, Spoilers March 11th: Can Yaman arrives, Nico and Ginevra ready to get married

Che Dio ci aiuti, Spoilers March 11th: Can Yaman arrives, Nico and Ginevra ready to get married


It continues the passionate episode of Che Dio ci aiuti, the series broadcast on Rai 1 which has reached her 6th season. The spoilers of the episode, to be aired on March 11 in prime time, tell that there will be many twists and turns for the fans of the nice Sister Angela, played by Elena Sofia Ricci. In summary, Nico Santopaolo and Ginevra are about to become husband and wife while the convent will witness the arrival of actor Can Yaman as a bartender...

Che Dio ci aiuti, episode March 11th: Can Yaman arrives as guest star

The previews of Che Dio ci aiuti regarding the last episode broadcast on Thursday 11th and not on March 4th to make room for Sanremo Festival 2021 reveal some exciting news.

Going into detail, Sister Angela will discover another important detail about the life of her father Primo. For this reason, the woman will not know whether to confess it to her brother Erasmo or for the moment to keep the matter under wraps.

Meanwhile, Nico and Ginevra (Simonetta Columbu) will throw themselves headlong into the preparations for their upcoming wedding. In this regard, Monica will help the former novice to organize the long-awaited event if fate does not have another plan in store.

Finally, all eyes will be on the arrival of the guest star played by Turkish actor Can Yaman as the new bartender of the Angels' convent.

Nico is getting ready to marry Ginevra

In the second episode of the evening, Sister Angela (Elena Sofia Ricci) will decide to bring Erasmo up to speed on the news she discovered about their father Primo.

However, the young Ferri will not appear upset by this revelation. For this reason, the protagonist of the TV Series will begin to have more than one suspicion about her brother's account, starting to believe that he is hiding something about his past.

And here, that the nun will prove to have a lot of flairs. Erasmus, in fact, will seem to have an ace up his sleeve to unveil in the season finale.

Meanwhile, Nico is going to welcome Ginevra on the altar on the occasion of their wedding. At this juncture, the former novice will seem to have forgotten the feelings she has for Erasmo (Erasmo Genzini) or rather confined them to a corner of her heart. On the other hand, the lawyer Santopaolo will confide his troubles to Monica who is secretly in love with him.

Finally, Azzurra will behave as a full-fledged nun while Carolina will assume a rather shifty behavior.

The sixth season of Che Dio ci aiuti can be watched on the platform streaming "Rai Play" 

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