Diletta Leotta vs. Demet Özdemir: this is how Can Yaman has changed since dating Italian journalist

Diletta Leotta vs. Demet Özdemir: this is how Can Yaman has changed since dating Italian journalist

Can Yaman couldn't be more in love! The actor, who has been with Italian journalist Diletta Leotta for a little over a month, is going through his sweetest moment. So happy he is that, although he has always been very reserved with his private life, this time he has not only confirmed his relationship with the sports journalist in networks but in recent days has not stopped shouting his love to the four winds for her.

The last occasion has been on the occasion of Valentine's Day. The star of 'Erkenci Kus' did not want to miss such a special date and has shared with his millions of followers a beautiful snapshot in which he is about to kiss his girl during the sunset. 

Differences between his relationship with Diletta and with Demet 
The actor's attitude with his new partner makes a contrast with the one maintained during his courtship with Demet Özdemir. During the year-long love story, the couple refused to confirm their relationship, and the photos they shared together on their social networks were limited to moments from the filming of 'Erkenci kus', award pickups, or promotional photos.

With Diletta everything is different. After two weeks of silence after their photos were made public in Rome, the actor has had no hesitation about sharing his happiness and how in love he is (yes, he does not allow comments on the photos with his girl). And is that, even when they are not together, Can needs to see his girl and does not hesitate to wear the games in which he works as a sportscaster to be able to see her through the small screen, as he told in his Instagram stories. 

In just a month of relationship, we have been able to know more about his love story with Diletta than what was revealed about the one he had with his filming partner. The actor has gone from maximum secrecy and discretion to share some very intimate moments of his private life with Diletta (and if he does not do it, it is the journalist who records the good times they spend together). In fact, after seeing the romantic Valentine's Day picture, the couple has not hesitated to show the delicious breakfast they shared in a hotel room with a luxurious view.  

This is how the actor confirmed his relationship with Diletta Leotta
On February 4, the actor confirmed his relationship with the Italian journalist through Instagram. He did it a month after being caught in Rome in an affectionate attitude by the paparazzi. After the publication of the photos, the actor did not want to make any comment until the publication of the expected photo. "Dangerous couple," he wrote next to the snapshot in which both appear with helmets in what looked like shooting practice. 

Five days later it was Diletta's turn. The journalist shared with her followers her first image with the actor. On this occasion, the star of 'Surprise Marriage' put his arm around his girl while they were caressing a horse in an equestrian center, stroking the horse with which he is training for his role as Sandokan.

Demet also shows off her boyfriend on social networks
But it has not only been the actor who has changed his attitude in recent months regarding his private life. His former girlfriend and filming partner, Demet Özdemir, has not hesitated to confirm her relationship with her new boyfriend, singer Oğuzhan Koç. He did it on New Year's Eve, just two weeks before the first images of his ex with the journalist were published.

As it is happening to her ex, it seems that the actress feels more comfortable sharing with her followers the details of this new relationship and just two days after the actor shared his first image with Diletta on his social media account, she did the same with her new boyfriend, about whom she has even spoken to the press. 

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