Envy, what an ugly beast! Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, a couple destined to be criticized forever

Envy, what an ugly beast! Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, a couple destined to be criticized forever

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman under the spotlight: paparazzi and TV programs give them no respite. Will they be able to live their love story?

The love story of the year, the craziest gossip of the last months, is the one of Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman. The sexy Sicilian sports journalist is recently engaged to the Turkish actor loved by Italians. However, there is no shortage of criticism! Many envious fans of the beautiful actor hope and dream that the two don't have a long life together, but to leave you stunned are the crazy little 'investigations' that are done in some television programs.

Diletta Leotta Can Yaman This afternoon, in Pomeriggio Cinque Barbara D'Urso and her guests analyzed a photo posted by Can Yaman on social networks a few days ago. The photo shows a crazy gift made to him by Diletta Leotta, Cassius, a white horse. What did it turn out to be? For quite some time there has been discussion about some alleged retouching or maybe even some photomontage in the photo. It seems more cling to something non-existent, in order to have a reason to talk about the new couple.

The love between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
The two were caught together by the paparazzi before coming out of public on social media. The Turkish actor, who many fans dreamed of seeing together with the actress who plays Sanem in DayDreamer, has chosen an Italian, warm-hearted, self-respecting Sicilian. Being here to make predictions, to cling to the semi-transparent shirt of her, or Instagram stories of him, to look for a scoop that is no longer scoop is really stupid.

The two, being public figures, are more than aware that they are destined to have very little privacy, but looking for scoops where there are none, inventing crazy theories now tires even the most gossipy.

A couple destined to be criticized forever
Nobody could ever imagine that Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta would one day form a couple, but how many thought that Belen Rogriguez would marry a young Neapolitan dancer, and steal his boyfriend from Emma Marrone, making a child with him, and then break up? Love is unexpected, it's beautiful, it's unique! Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, however, are destined to receive endless criticism: it's a bit of a price to pay for being famous, young, and beautiful! It's envy that gets people talking, and yet, after a difficult year like 2020, characterized by the coronavirus pandemic, we should have learned a little more.

Born in August 1991 in Catania, Diletta Leotta, who as a young girl has practiced swimming for a long time, at the age of 17 took her first steps in the world of journalism and TV, working with Antenna Sicilia for a soccer program. Her destiny was already written and she slowly made her way more and more until she arrived first at Mediaset, on La5, and then at Sky. After the experience in Sky, she moved to Dazn, meanwhile, she was co-presenter of the Sanremo Festival and she also started a collaboration in Radio with Radio 105. Unfortunately, there was a lot of talk about her after a hot scandal: Diletta Leotta was hacked and several intimate photos of her were spread on the net. However, she has always managed to keep her head up. As for matters of... heart, before starting her love story with Can Yaman, Diletta was romantically linked to Matteo Mammì and boxer Daniele Scardina. Despite the criticism, whether she underwent cosmetic surgery or not, Diletta Leotta is still a beautiful girl.

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