It's Official! Can Yaman Is Dating Diletta Leotta

It's Official! Can Yaman Is Dating Diletta Leotta

A week ago, fans seemed confused about the rumors of love posted in CHI magazine. Pictures of Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman appeared during a romantic evening in a restaurant in Milan...

The journalist and the actor huddled together and soon all the alarms went off:" Would we get a new winter couple?"Now the fans are divided into two sides.

Some fans appreciate Diletta Leotta and some people don't want their IDOL stolen by Diletta Leotta.

So, they said that the news was just preparing things. Now, a few days later, all doubts were cleared up and what was an open secret.  is now a fact Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman are the new winter couple. Or at least this is clear from the last Turkish actor "post" on Instagram.

The photo shows them enjoying Target Practice while Leotta held the target tray and, on the other hand, Yaman was holding the gun.

The most interesting part is that Can has captioned the photo "Coppia Pericolosa" which means "Dangerous couple" and tagged the photo with Diletta Leotta with the flower emoji.

An image not quite romantic in the most traditional sense of the term, but with a symbolic war intention: let it be clear, Can and Diletta are not afraid of criticism, of pushing, of offense, and are ready to fight back. Comments are still disabled so Can Yaman still has a bit of a poisoned tooth.

With Internet users who were not exactly delicate in front of the actuality of his hypothetical frequentation and his farewell of the bachelor's square.
For the moment, Diletta is silent, doesn't answer but limits herself to a like and a sentence on her Instagram which seems to perfectly photograph the situation:

"If you want to take a step forward, you have to lose your balance for a moment."However, we are convinced that this is the official confirmation for both..

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman together again in a photo on social networks: after the photo published by the Turkish actor on his account, it's time for the presenter and face of Dazn to post a shot with Yaman. "Once upon a time..." was the caption of the photo that sees them complicit and intimate while caressing a horse: it does not escape his hand resting gently on her back. A decidedly posed snapshot that confirms and makes official their relationship that has been going on for more than two months.

A fabulous story in all respects. Overcome social media now there is the photo that shows them hand in hand through the streets of Rome, but let's go in order...

Diletta and Can went out into the open. They were photographed (and they knew it well) hand in hand in the streets of Rome. They tried to camouflage themselves behind the hood, the mask, and the glasses but it was not enough. Finally, their love can "shine" in the sunlight.

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