When Oğuzhan Koç is mentioned, Demet Özdemir's facial expressions and face change!

When Oğuzhan Koç is mentioned, Demet Özdemir's facial expressions and face change!

The famous actress, following a long period of time, is back on the magazine's agenda with the topic of love. The first couple of 2021 was Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç... They announced their relationship via social network publications and received intense support from their fans.

While talking with journalists, Demet Özdemir is delighted with the good comments from her fans. "Of course, I'm happy. Why shouldn't I be? "And said that everything was fine. The attitude and gestures of the actress, who gave brief answers during and after the journalist asked questions about Oğuzhan Koç...

The actress, who was also seen embarrassed by the question about her boyfriend, also glowed... Demet Özdemir, who said she was very busy and tired, also responded to allegations that she would move into the same house as Oğuzhan Koç.

Pointing out that they will not live in the same house saying " There is no such thing," said Özdemir, "It was written that I stayed at Rıfat Yüzüak house during the construction phase of my house. I don't know where Rifat's house is.

It's Rutkay Öziş. He already has a very good response. He has said enough now, they can't write my name either. " There is no such thing as living in the same house."

The Valentine's Day Recall was done on February 14th. Özdemir said that it's something that is very much remembered and made the following comment: " This inevitably settled in our subconscious. How special it should be, how important it should be. But it's not that important to me. Every day is beautiful anyway.

When asked about the recent discussions about having more roles for those who have a lot of followers on Instagram, the actress said: "Talent is something far beyond your determination to work and your courage, something far beyond the follower. I can't say it affects one hundred percent, but 10 to 20 percent of course. I don't think that applies to all types of work. "I don't know how long you can work without talent," she said.

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