Can Yaman Beauty and sex appeal made in turkey

Can Yaman Beauty and sex appeal made in turkey

He is the character of this moment, loved by a crowd of women all over the world, especially in Italy, who himself considers his second home. If you think they loved him, just for his physical appearance, which is still remarkable, you are wrong. There are many more important things about him that have led him to become an international phenomenon.

They called them "Dizi", we to called them soap operas or TV series, and they have become a worldwide phenomenon. Series like "Dolunay", "Erkenci Kuş", "Bay-Yanlış", will not be recognized to most but become very recognizable when they take European names like "Bitter Sweet-ingredients of love"..... "Daydreamer" or...Mr. Wrong''

Let's talk about the Turkish invasion. The fundamental ingredient is the beauty and charm of its protagonists, first of all, Can Yaman who in Italy, for years now, has beaten any type of competition. Thirty-one years old, lawyer, five languages ​​are spoken correctly. For him we are not just talking about physical beauty, which obviously is undeniable, what has led him to be a real phenomenon that moves whole crowds, both online and offline, is the union of many elements.

First of all, the very rare empathic capacity compared to colder and more set European and American stars. A warmth that comes from a culture in which the woman is at the center of the world as well as of the family. So at a time that "the fluid man” with lacquered nails raging in the west and is the evolution of the metrosexual of a few years ago, the healthy male instinct is perceived by women as a real revolution. Can Yaman is just that. The pure incarnation of the ancestral male.

The fearless knight whose instinct to protect women is paramount. So among "European mammon" and above all Italians, fragile and doubtful men often unable to take a step forward, his strength stands out and conquers more than his muscles and his perfect abs.

The world of entertainment could not ignore this extraordinary attractiveness, and the next remake of "Sandokan" is proof of this. A million-dollar blockbuster produced by Lux Vide will be shot around the world and will bring to light a new type of hero whose only superpower is that of social justice of love. A role for which Can Yaman is preparing himself above all physically, with intense riding sessions, days spent in the gym in fencing and wrestling lessons.

Another very important part of the complex personality of this young but talented actor, capable of being able to recite only with his eyes in a dizi long 80 episodes of two hours each, is certainly that of attention in the towards the social.

Especially with regard to children he particularly cares about, so much so that he has set in motion more than one campaign aimed at helping, for example, little Pamir suffering from a rare genetic disease.
Now thanks to Yaman has taken care of another child to go to America, as well as Giovanni, this time Italian, for which the actor has auctioned his hand-painted vest by llker Bilgi, one of his two managers.

Speaking of this, the other purely stylistic question also opens up on what could perfectly become the testimonial of some international brand but who is actually a very free character in the way of common cherish his image.

In fact, it goes from a coat by Armani to a denim blouse painted by hand also by Ilker, to a sporty suit by Off-White with the same naturalness of a seasoned fashion influencer. Those who love him do it also for this extremely natural characteristic that leads him to indulge in an unknown brand as well as a great brand. Great freedom of action that in a way strongly influenced by business, let's grant it to it. Resembles a real revolution.

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