Can Yaman Full interview with Vanity Fair Italia English Sub

Can Yaman Full interview with Vanity Fair Italia English Sub

"Act, not think "so Can Yaman has become the star that everyone desire. And now that Sandokan has given him Italy and a girlfriend, he doesn't stop: When you “Love” you don't get scared.

The Turkish star, Can Yaman, 31 years from model student and lawyer to the successful actor with DayDreamer Le Ali del Sogno. He will be Sandokan in the Lux Vide event series, he is engaged to the sports presenter DilettaLeotta.

The women who follow me? Some a little obsessive, but the most poetic. I understand from their letters that they really love me.

The concierge of the Hotel Eden in Rome, the legendary place of the Dolce Vita, had not seen these scenes for a long time: Babies, girls and women of all ages aimed at CanYaman who, pirate and gentlemancombining the classical and statuary canons of a Greek God to the wilder and more adventurous ones of Sandokan, he smiles a smile that opens chasms and solves them at the same time. They call him a "phenomenon" for the numbers he moves ( over eight million followers on Instagram, passionate, attentive, devoted fan pages), for the indecent thoughts it arouses, for the object of desire and the model of values ​​that suddenly is become in a dedicated and varied feminine: the grandmother who would like him as a nephew, the high school student who dreams of him as a husband, the mother who imagines him alongside her daughter. But his love is (almost) all for Diletta Leotta, in spite of the rumors of a true, almost military presence in his existence.

who calls him when he is on the set of this service for comparison, advices. There is a coming and going of messages and light up in his face from nothing when he visualizes them.

“I can't give you the key to a place you don't have to enter. It is more right to stop a moment earlier, on the threshold, and watch what happens ». So let's rewind the tape.

“A special friend revealed to me the secret of life: It is the Wisdom that brings us closer to God. So I learned the responsibility of studying that makes you strong and free”

Birth certificate. “It happens in Sadiye Kadıköy, in the province of Istanbul. I was full of hair. My father looks at my mom and says: "Let's take him to the hairdresser right away" I come into the world I stay there as an only child, which, having no terms of comparison. I can say It’s not bad. It means having the attention all around yourself, not sharing it with anyone. I will flourish over time. Because at the beginning, honestly, I was very ugly ». What childhood does you feel, going back?

"Spent playing football, in the summer by the sea, in the bays of Bodrum, in the winter breaking knick-knacks at home. My parents divorced early, when I was just five. I don't remember them ever married, but united for me, yes. There were three of us on vacation. Never felt the lack of their attention".

What types are they? 

My mother Very disciplined, organized, German mother, a sort of soldier, a tight marker: it is thanks to her that I was a good student, she gave me the rules, she still manages my movements and my assets, if she wasn't there I would be finished.My father, Is the opposite: customs officer, street instinct, the end of duties is the fun and complicity between males. 

Outside the family, what meeting changed you? 

"A particular,special friend, I met at the Italian high school just when my father's job started going badlyand I risked to interrupt my studies. It was the darkest period, we didn't even have the money for the fees, so much so that we ended up paying one by luck, thanks to a successful sports bet ".
And for what he conquered you?

"He was a little genius:he was always alone, he didn't talk to anyone. Except me. He gave me the desire to become good by obtaining scholarships. With him I loved to read, get lost in the stories of philosophers, challenge each other at chess, listen to the lessons again.

He used to say to me: "To get close to God, you must be wise, to know as much as possible. It is wisdom that brings you closer to him: When he then returned to his home, in Albania, and I was left alone, I always felt of having to continue to prove my worth as if he were still looking at me from a distance. 

How did you become an actor, then? 

" Thanks to an international call for proposals, I was among the 36 best students in Turkey sent to live in the United States. I win over the 3,000 who participate, and it happens to me in Ohio, where I move and support myself with sport. There I developed the idea of ​​wanting to study law. I tell myself: the lawyer is a respected, well-remunerated profession.

I m 24 years old and I join PricewaterhouseCoopers, every Friday a business article of mine comes out in a very prestigious newspaper, my career flies, but soon I understand, however, that it is crazy to be at the computer from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

So to diversify I sign up for an acting course for the use of the body and voice in business. I meet those who are still my two agents today. And from there everything changes. From the first series, I have never stopped ".

Do you always like this job instead? 

"Except in the morning: I am ill-disposed, silent, grumpy and irritable before a certain time joyful in the afternoon, from sunset onwards. A real animal of the night. It is no coincidence that I suffer a little from insomnia ». Since 2014 he has been shooting a TV series a year. There is the hit DayDreamer - The wings of the dream, and now Sandokan"

A gigantic project by LuxVide, which will start shooting in the summer. “Training, horseback riding, martial arts. I am preparing hard. I am in a strong evolution. Now I ride, I use the sword, I train, we are almost there. Kabir Bedi's legacy is not easy,I hope to be worthy.I'm really doing my best.

How does this pure hero resemble you? 

"In the values ​​we have or lack and seek: love, friendship, patriotism, revenge. Women will also like  him ".

How many are besieging you? 

"They are difficult accounts. Over 80 percent of my fans are women. There are some obsessive ones, that when you take their cell phone to take the selfie you realize that they have printed me all over the place.On the bag, on the shirt, on the hat, on the phone cover. If everyone wants me differently, they all shower me with gifts. Did they find out that I'm crazy about dark chocolate? 

A wagon. Post a photo where there is a certain trinket in the background?

My house of all shapes, colors and sizes invade me. From Argentina to India, from Israel to Australia "

 And how you reacts? 

"Like a gentleman. Trying to never get the messages wrong. Positive, respectful, affectionate. Trying never to break hearts.Once in Spain I was even called by the daughters of an 80-year-old lady in love with me to persuade her to seek treatment ".

Do you ever get upset? 

"When I meet arrogance: it irritates me, it makes me impetuous. Just like a volcano. I prefer compliments to criticism ".

What do you do with the letters you receive? 

"I read the ones I can, and I keep them all. For safety my mother she keeps them all, who is setting up a kind of museum. My fans are mostly poetic, going across their lines I feel that they really love me.

Can You tell us about your love? 

"You know it, because everything is under the eyes of all, in the light of the sun. A loyal love, in which I take my responsibilities, as is evident. I have great respect for her, for our relationship and confidentiality/privacy is our first promise: we communicate what concerns us, together ".

Will this wedding everyone's talking about, take place?

"If there is, those same people will all see it. Let's keep the surprise on something ".

Why her? 

"To speak, even of this, would be tantamount to taking away the magic. I am one who acts without taking too long, without mincing words. I follow the upward, fast. What will happen will be known, in all the beauty of it ".

What is beauty? 

“It can be a dark thing that overshadows everything, but also that illuminates and excites, a bit like the Bosphorus at night. Of course it is not only an aesthetic but a total title that stands above and holds the eyes, the brain and the other beating organs together. It is a mechanism never wrong: if your eyes are empty, you also become all empty "

What about fear? 

"When you love you don't get scared. If you live in the present, you don't have And you don't put yourself in a state of fear with your future, with conditionals, possibilities, fantasies. What sense would that make? Really nobody " time for fear.

And the madness?

"The path that every time I took it was the right path. Instinct is in the name of God ".

Do You Believe? 

“Providence and I talk we to each other, we have a good relationship, and that's the reason I never get sad. But never really. If one thing does not come true, it means that it is only giving way to another more intense".

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