Can Yaman live Instagram with vanity fair Italia full interview [SUB:ENG]

Can Yaman live Instagram with vanity fair Italia full interview [SUB:ENG]

Can Yaman's reputation as Turkey's popular actor has exceeded the world. The handsome actor, who went to Italy for a commercial shoot, first starred in an Italian series and then became the cover of a world-famous magazine. What he said in his interview with the magazine was very surprising.

vanity fair Italia: The first time I met you, it was via zoom, I didn’t imagine that you were so nice/funny, you have an exceptional following, there are 8 million people, most of them women, but not only women, the first question: What is the best compliment they have given you on Instagram?

Can Yaman: I don't know, in general, there are many compliments and even criticisms, I haven't read the comments for 4 months but there are also letters that come to me, from my real fans, letters always arrive, I keep them, I’m trying to read them all, they write beautiful things they say in general that they have been following me for years, and all these things, they know me very well, beautiful things. I can't think of a particular sentence but I get beautiful letters, lots of comments, I'm very pleased. Finally, I left the hotel, I moved into my house it's my second day at my house, I am very happy, there are thousands of things to do, there are all the boxes around it is a mess.

vanity fair Italia: First of all Gian Yaman, right? I pronounce it well, it's not Kan Yaman but Gian Yaman

Can Yaman: I had already said it before, like, Gian Luca, Gian Franco, Gianni, in Italian, as if you spell Gian. 

vanity fair Italia: I ask because I'm very good at getting the names wrong so I don't want to get yours wrong, listen, I don't want to spoil too much, because the photoshoot we did and the interview are beautiful, so I don't want to spoil the surprise, tomorrow it's on newsstands, but I want to ask you two or three things which came out in this beautiful interview, the first is about your childhood, let's start from a bit far away: what is the best memory, the first one that comes to your mind when you were a child, the one that makes you happiest?

Can Yaman: A place?

vanity fair Italia: Yes also

Can Yaman: there are two places that make me happy, one is in Istanbul, it's a street that looks like the Champs-Élysées in Paris, it's called Bağdat Avenue it's a very long street where there are lots of shops, restaurants, clubs, you take a long walk there is a coast parallel to this road, it is a very sunny and lively place, my childhood and adolescence I spent practically there, until I was 22 years old, and then the second place and a summer place called Bodrum, in the south of Turkey and my grandmother lives there from 30 years, so when I was little, as a child, I always went to visit my grandmother and I spent 3 months there, so I really like it, Bodrum, is a paradise.

vanity fair Italia: Listen Can everyone thinks that an actor's career, your career, is like a kind of thing that lights up, everything works well, you become famous, actually life is often hard, we had a very difficult year, I know that you told to Lavinia that when you were very young you also had family economic problems, which in a certain sense also taught you to be stronger, now my question is: what was the darkest moment of all, the one you said, this time I just can't.

Can Yaman: There has never been a day or a period where I said I can't take it anymore because I always do it, I never give up, but there have been some difficult moments, like the period of my childhood, when I was 14, I had entered the Italian high school, my father's job had gone very badly, at that time I faced the risk of having to drop out of that high school and having to go to a normal, state high school, instead the Italian high school was a very elitist high school, a perfect school to attend, so I was sad to have to drop out of this high school, after the preparatory year, however, luckily, I was good I received this scholarship which saved my life. Also in the interview I talk a little about this thing so I don't want to reveal too many things.

vanity fair Italia: You're right, it's me, it's my fault, I don't ask you more...

vanity fair Italia: I ask you something else that you don't say in the interview. Tell me The most beautiful moment... that you said Ah this time I did it.
Can Yaman: Look, I had many lives, I had enough turns in my life, even coming here to do Sandokan, to work was a turning point for meI had to leave my country, I changed my life, I came here, I was in a hotel for 3 months, I was alone, there are some friends here, but I was very brave, it can be said that I started from scratch, my entire life was carried out like this.for example I was 18, I went to the United States to stay with a family, and there I did the last year of high school, there at 18, a child who goes to live alone in a family, and create a new life, these challenges have made me, confident, mature...

I am to say that I can boast that I have made these things happen, and all these barriers in my life a little hard..I can not give you an exact day, however, there have been stages like this in my life, which have been purely challenged in my life and every time I start from scratch in my life, it gives me a lot of pleasure, you know, because it makes me mature, it makes me stronger, all these difficulties these turning points, in my life.

vanity fair Italia: This is also a message of encouragement, for all that is happening because we really need this strength and this optimism, this hope.

vanity fair Italia: Listen, what is the thing that really, really mad you, makes you angry? 

Can Yaman:  I am a bit impetuous, I am touchy, I get angry immediately, but it passes immediately, I have this up and down, for example, the thing that makes me very angry is when someone gives me stupid advice as if I’m stupid, not able to think, this bothers me a lot, I become a little angry, but I learned a lot to calm myself, as a young man when I was 20/21/25, maybe, I reacted more, now I'm 31 years, I don't react so much, I try to receive things calmly, I am basically calm.

vanity fair Italia: Good, also because I don't want to imagine you angry instead, what is the thing that makes you fall in love, that makes your heart light up, the thing that people do, and then they conquer you, what is the thing that really conquers you? 

Can Yaman:  I like positive people smiling, who look on the bright side, positive people conquer me, in any case, if a person is positive it wins me over.

vanity fair Italia:  when was the last time you cried?

Can Yaman: The last time I cried, look, it was a week ago, 10 days ago, when I was leaving the hotel, which may seem strange but some tears fell, because in these 3 months in that hotel I had memories, leaving this room has moved me, I swear to you when I moved my clothes, the tears came.

vanity fair Italia:  We have a vision of you training for Sandokan, you have physical strength, you are very nice, everything is fine but there is something that scares you?

Can Yaman: Also in the interview, there was this question, and I said, when you love, you don't find time for fear when you live, when you are dedicated, when you think about work, about all the things you have to do, you forget fear, then the only fear would be as the potential things that maybe it could happen like if a person you love dies, but it's not that I start thinking negative things, I always try to think positive, I just forget the fear.

vanity fair Italia: I have the last two questions, the first is, what do you like about Sandokan, I know that you are preparing for this very important role, what conquered you about this role?

Can Yaman:  I was won over by the fact that it is a series that will attract a lot of female audiences, because in the series it will be important issues about values, such as love, friendship, patriotism, revenge, values we have.

There will also be a love story, it's not that it will be a series that will only concern men, who kill each other, it won't be such a thing, it will attract a lot of women's attention. I really like this thing and then in the first season I can't reveal too much, but we will talk a lot about Sandokan's past, so it will be interesting, Sandokan himself will find out who Sandokan is, he will discover his past, who is the real mother, who is the real father...

vanity fair Italia: Don't say more, stop! They will say it’s my fault.

Can Yaman: This whole adventure attracts me as an actor, Sandokan project gives me the opportunity to develop myself, receiving all these pieces of training, like martial arts, riding for me being an actor it is very important to dedicate myself to these pieces of training, I have this opportunity to develop myself as I said.

vanity fair Italia:  If you had to go back to a Can who is 7/8 years old, and you have to give him only one piece of advice to arrive where you are, what is that advice?

Can Yaman: Look as I told you I have always lived in the present, I had this feeling of divine providence, since I was a child.I was always very serene, if something went wrong since I was a child I was very sure that that thing was for the good, it was for a better cause, I was sure that a door would open for me, I never worried. Even in high school, as I told you, I was serene, I was very calm never worried, I always have this feeling in me, it is not something that was grown in me later, it was innate in me, always.

vanity fair Italia: Can, thank you for your time.

Can Yaman: Thank you very much 

vanity fair Italia:  See you tomorrow on the newsstands! First I’m very curious to see Sandokan, I hope to see you in many other roles, I wish you all the best for your career, you don't need it but, you are having great success of Vanity Fair we are very happy to host you on the cover, and really thank you again for your availability, I hope to meet you in person soon, as well all the more than 40 thousand people who are watching us now
Can Yaman: Thank you very much, equally. Bye everyone

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