Can Yaman: pirate and gentleman | Vanity Fair

Can Yaman: pirate and gentleman | Vanity Fair

Act, don't think": that's how @canyaman became the star everyone wants. In the new issue of Vanity Fair on newsstands and in this interview he tells his story, as never before #VFinedicola

What is the ideal woman for CanYaman? 
Can Yaman: This is a risky question because I have a girlfriend

If they criticize you, how do you react? 
Can Yaman:  I'd prefer compliments Good girls go to heaven, bad girls take a flight to Turkey. 

Where would you take them? 
Can Yaman:  I'd take her to see the Bosphorus at night.

Boxer or Slip 
Can Yaman: no need to say. Boxer 

When you get angry do you get impetuous?
Can Yaman:  Yes impetuous as the Etna.

What makes you angry? 
Can Yaman: Arrogance I could say 

Which characteristics should a woman have to attract you? 
Can Yaman:  In my opinion femininity and innocence at the same time.

What do you do tonight?
Can Yaman:  c’mon 

What is desire? 
Can Yaman: For me, desire is the future that we dream in silence. 

To me or to you?
Can Yaman: let's go see the sea

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