Can Yaman's video that has already been seen by almost a million people: Impressive.

Can Yaman's video that has already been seen by almost a million people: Impressive.

If there is something that is no longer disputed by practically any follower of TV soap operas (most of the viewers of this type of fiction are women), it is that there is a name that stands out above any other in these productions: the Turkish actor Can Yaman, the protagonist of Erkenci Kus, the soap opera that in recent months swept the audience in Spain and conquered thousands of female viewers. 

The protagonist of this fiction is so well known that he has managed to take social networks by storm. So much so that on Instagram he already accumulates more than five million followers who watch him at every step and follow his day-to-day or at least the part of his private life that the actor wants to share with his fans.

Yaman is currently promoting in several European countries. And he has managed to succeed in almost all of them. Just five days ago Yaman posted on his Instagram profile a video training for a movie or series that has made an impression. The video has not gone unnoticed by almost anyone and has already accumulated more than one million views (and more than 9,000 comments).

Can Yaman has been one of the last pieces of proof that Turkish soap operas are here to stay. In the last few months there have been several productions of this type that have triumphed in Spain and in several other countries around us, the first of which was Kara Sevda. Kara Sevda was the first one to be successful with the public, but little by little, viewers have been surrendering to Erkenci Kus.

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