Che Dio ci aiuti 6, The Director Says About Can Yaman: 'With his beauty he will shock the girls'

Che Dio ci aiuti 6, The Director Says About Can Yaman: 'With his beauty he will shock the girls'


Can Yaman will be the guest star of the last episode of Che Dio ci aiuti 6, on air on Rai 1 next March 11th.

The director Francesco Vicario, on Di PiùTV has revealed that the character played by the Turkish actor will upset the novice Azzurra a lot. The director then told how the star of Daydreamer conquered everyone on the set, especially the young actresses who did not hesitate to take selfies with him.

Che Dio vi aiuti 6, spoilers last episode: Can will shock Azzurra and the other girls

A little more than a week from the airing of the final episode of Che Dio vi aiuti 6, the director of the TV Series ratings champion has revealed some backstory on Can Yaman who, as noted will be the guest star of episode on March 11th.

The Turkish actor will play a bartender who will arrive at the Convent to work at the bar and who, according to Vicario's words, will not leave Sister Angela's girls indifferent.

The director Vicario said, "He plays a young man who comes to work at the convent, you will see him unloading boxes of water and fruit. With his beauty, he will shock the girls of the convent."

In particular, it seems that Azzurra will be shocked by the beauty of the newcomer. At this point, one wonders if the novice will have second thoughts or will continue on her path to become a nun.

Vicario on the season finale of Che Dio ci aiuti 6: 'There will be strong emotions'

While waiting to discover Azzurra's fate, the director of Che Dio ci aiuti 6 has also revealed that the audience will surely be moved during the season finale: "There will be strong emotions".

Vicario did not reveal further, perhaps for fear of unbalancing himself too much.

Instead, the director was able to talk about what it was like to work with Can Yaman on the set, revealing how the Turkish actor proved to be very sociable and friendly during filming. His role was a small one but despite that, he made himself completely available to the director, having a lot of fun as well.

The director of Che Dio ci aiuti on Yaman: 'Girls rushed to take a selfie with him'

The main character Elena Sofia Ricci did the honors, welcoming him as appropriate, even though the actress couldn't entertain herself much longer with the actor, due to back discomfort. While Sister Angela from Che Dio ci aiuti didn't have the chance to get to know Can Yaman better, the other actresses in the cast had a different story.

Francesco Vicario in fact revealed that the girls, once they had finished filming the scenes, did not miss a chance to run to the actor to take selfies with him.

Fans of Che Dio ci aiuti and Can Yaman will have to wait for the airing of the last episode of the TV series, which will be broadcast on Rai 1 on Thursday, March 11th at about 9:25 pm.

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