Che Dio ci aiuti: Can Yaman created havoc in the cast. Whether he'll be in season seven? We'll see.

Che Dio ci aiuti: Can Yaman created havoc in the cast. Whether he'll be in season seven? We'll see.

Can Yaman guest starred in the season finale of Che Dio ci aiuti 6. The writer Silvia Leuzzi told about what the actor will do, how he was welcomed by the rest of the cast and replied to the rumors that Yaman would be among the protagonists of the seventh season of the series. In addition, he revealed how the rating record TV show was born.

On Thursday, 11th March, it will be possible to watch the long-awaited season finale of Che Dio ci aiuti 6. With unexpected twists and turns and characters called upon to make important decisions, this highly successful edition will come to an end. To embellish the last episode, the presence of Can Yaman. What will the actor do? Will he really be in the cast of the seventh season? spoke about it with Silvia Leuzzi, writer of Che Dio ci aiuti, who told all the behind-the-scenes of the beloved series.

The sixth season of Che Dio ci aiuti was an extraordinary success in the ratings. What does this success look like in such a delicate moment?

Che Dio ci aiuti has always had good ratings, but this year was an important confirmation for us. It's a great satisfaction given the great difficulty we faced with Covid in writing and production. It was a race against time. Just think that we have finished editing in these days. We are comforted by the results.

I noticed that at the end of the episode everyone wants to go to the convent. 

(laughs). It's true, I believe that one of the keys to the success of Che Dio ci aiuti is its ability to draw us into a welcoming world, full of joy and positivity. The world that we need today. It contains all those ingredients that are unfortunately lacking in this dramatic moment of our history. It deals with deep and delicate issues but with the right message of hope.

Over the time of six seasons, we have seen an interesting evolution of characters. Dramatic but believable. Azzurra, for example, from a fashionable girl to a novice. 

We try to create well-rounded people, building characters with strengths, flaws, strengths and weaknesses, who react and change in the face of life's experiences like the rest of us. Azzurra is one of the characters who has changed the most, but she hasn't betrayed her true nature. We met her as a frivolous, light-hearted little girl in the first season. In the convent she met the great love, which changed her. Then unfortunately she lost him and had to deal with this pain. I must say that they still hate us very much for Guido's death (laughs, ed.). But if Azzurra is the woman she is today it is also because of this suffering.

The last episode will feature Can Yaman, what can you tell me about him?

Can is a beloved actor, charming and also very good. In the last episode, he offers us with his presence a really funny cameo. With him, Azzurra will have to face the umpteenth temptation. She will try in every way to avoid him but Can do not easily go unnoticed. Surely there will be fun. Among other things, we realized that in the convent he is very well integrated into the world of Che Dio ci aiuti.

Will he act in Italian?

Yes, yes, I saw that in Daydreamer he is dubbed. We have him acting in Italian with his own voice.

Would you tell me a story related to the set about him?

I know for a fact that he created a bit of a stir in the cast, not only for the women but also for the men. Obviously you always create that situation of the little chickens in the henhouse (laughs, ed), it was a lot of fun. Especially because this year, between Stefano De Martino and Can Yaman, we can say that in Che Dio ci aiuti there's no lack of beauty, both for men and women.

How was it received by the rest of the cast?

He was received very well. They all told me that they got along very well with him, that he's a nice, kind, helpful person, that he had a great time doing this cameo. The director also had a great, great time. I assure you that there will be fun.

There are those who claim that Can Yaman's presence in the last episode is a way of announcing that he will be part of the seventh season. How much of it is true?

I obviously can't give any kind of spoiler. I can't give you any information about it but yes, it could be a launch for something more. It was hard enough to finish this season, there will be time to think about it.

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