Hande Erçel might be in love and it is not with Kerem Bürsin

Hande Erçel might be in love and it is not with Kerem Bürsin

The actress is not in a relationship with her partner in fiction, but with a young businessman, as many people thought (or dreamed)...

Many fans wished that the love between their protagonists would go beyond the screen. Many Turkish media took for granted that the fictional couple had a happy love story in front of and behind the cameras, given the good harmony they show in their social networks.

It seems that nothing could be further from the truth, a digital portal reported a few hours ago that Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are just friends. The reason for the smile of the actress believes to have (another) name and surname (among many other reasons): Murat Can Akdoğan, a young businessman who belongs to a well-known family in Turkey.

It seems that Hande met her new love through her sister. His sister, for her part, is a close friend of Murat Can Akdoğan's sister and both are said to have brought them together. For a long time, they would have kept their relationship secret and it is now that they have left the first hints.

Although rumors about their possible romance began to appear a few months ago, the protagonists have not spoken. These rumors have been confirmed by several publications since the actress has started to follow her boyfriend on social networks.

Similarly, when Hande Erçel ended her three-year relationship with singer Murat Dalkılıç it took a few months before she decided to delete him from her Instagram followers list and remove all the pictures she had together with him on her profile.

It's the pictures with her co-star Kerem Bürsin that now occupy this space, showing that between them there is a close relationship (at least, of friendship). Thus, the actress did not hesitate to come out in defense of her friend before the rudeness he made to the press at an awards gala, after hearing a comment by the presenter of the same that he did not like and for which he left the ceremony: "I know Kerem very well, the presenter made an unnecessary phrase".

Regarding the new illusion of the interpreter, "Murat Can Akdoğan is one of the best-known names in Turkish social life. Son of the president of Estethica Hospital in Istanbul (a center specializing in hair transplants and cosmetic surgery)," explained 'Divinity'. They add: " During his youth, he won the championship in the youth category of karting. He is currently a successful businessman and owns a gym".

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