Kabir Bedi to GossipeTv:Sandokan immortal, Can Yaman will have benefits.

Kabir Bedi to GossipeTv:Sandokan immortal, Can Yaman will have benefits.

GossipeTv caught up with the Indian star, protagonist of the famous screenplay Sandokan, who spoke about his private life, successes, and new projects.

Kabir Bedi, a great and charming actor, has remained in the collective imagination the hero of Monpracem, the gentleman pirate Sandokan. However, if you think of him only as the protagonist of the famous screenplay by Sergio Sollima, you are making a big mistake; Bedi is in fact the quintessence of the multiculturalism that is so much talked about at the moment and that our society needs so much. Born in India, the star has always lived and worked on three continents: Asia, Europe, and America.

It is not easy to interact and integrate in such different societies and cultures, yet Bedi has succeeded brilliantly. Italians love him and have never forgotten him. His charm is universal, also thanks to the large fan base he boasts all over the world. Thanks to Sandokan, of course, but also to his participation in 007 Octopussy, as well as the American television soap opera Beautiful.

Kabir's life has been intense: a lot of work, four marriages, three children. The actor also had to face the painful loss of his son Siddhart, who died prematurely as a result of a disease. On this point Kabir told us: "Wounds heal but scars remain".  A very private and delicate subject that he dealt with in his literary work. And it is of this and much more than the actor has told the readers of GossipeTv.

Your popularity in Italy is due to the character of Sandokan, a journey that never seems to end.....

Sandokan has made me immortal. Every generation in Italy has known me and it was a great honor to be given the role by Sergio Sollima. His success has given me great satisfaction. No actor could ask for more. Sandokan is not only a fighter but above all a man. Sandokan is always in me and there is a lot of me in Sandokan. Oddly enough, my parents' story parallels that of Sandokan and Mariana. They both married English women and both voted for the freedom of their country against the British. I share their idealism. But I am different from Sandokan emotionally and, of course, our lives are anything but similar.

Turkish actor Can Yaman will take your place in the Sandokan remake. Do you think the Turkish star is the right choice? What difficulties did you encounter in remaking Sandokan?

I am glad that Sandokan is being remade with modern technology, with new digital platforms. It makes a lot of sense to tell the stories of Sandokan and Emilio Salgari again. I am sure Can Yaman will be a worthy successor. The spirit of Sandokan is what matters most. I think it's important that Emilio Salgari's vision comes to life on screen. I looked a lot like the drawings in his books, as did Can Yaman. Shooting at sea and in jungles is always difficult. Acting with different actors speaking different languages in the same scene was also difficult. Sergio liked to shoot continuous action all at once. This was also difficult. Too many difficulties and so many great joys to list. I described it all in my book.

Sandokan gave you the opportunity to make an international career. Do you think it will be the same for Can Yaman?

I am sure Can will benefit enormously from the Sandokan series. My Sandokan has been seen in 85 countries. It will be much more for this new sequel. I wish the best to Can and the whole team.

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