Pierpaolo Spollon's joke on TV: 'There's competition between me and Can Yaman

Pierpaolo Spollon's joke on TV: 'There's competition between me and Can Yaman

Can Yaman continues to be at the center of media attention and his name is also in the airwaves of Rai 1. On March 28, during the new episode of Da noi a ruota libera, the star of the Turkish soap opera DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno was mentioned. 

The actor Pierpaolo Spollon, who shared with Can Yaman the brief experience on the set of the fiction Che Dio ci aiuti 6 with Elena Sofia Ricci, was the one who brought him up. Apparently, however, there was bad blood between Pierpaolo and Can.

Pierpaolo Spollon and the joke against Can Yaman

In detail, during the TV interview, Pierpaolo Spollon took stock of his adventure on the set of Che Dio ci aiuti and explained his relationship with the other two actors of the series, launching a dig at Can Yaman that did not go unnoticed.

The Turkish actor took part only in the last episode of the sixth season of Che Dio ci aiuti, in the role of guest star in the last episode. Can wore the clothes of a handsome bartender who, with his beauty, put in crisis the novice path of Azzurra, played by Francesca Chillemi.

"I was pleased that Turkish wasn't mentioned because there is competition between us," admitted Pierpaolo Spollon when talking about his just-completed experience on the set of the drama starring Elena Sofia Ricci.

Che Dio ci aiuti 7, Can Yaman could be part of the cast

"Last time he made a joke about the scarf that I still have here," Spollon continued again in an ironic way. And to think that Can Yaman could become a permanent part of the cast of Che Dio ci aiuti 7: it seems, in fact, that there are good chances to continue to see him in this very successful television series that every time collects breathtaking ratings in prime time.

Yaman himself, in a recent interview, admitted that he would love to be able to return to act alongside Sister Angela, who has made a breach in his heart.

The possible marriage between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta

While waiting to find out how this situation will evolve and whether or not Can will become part of the seventh season, the Turkish actor continues to be the protagonist of the Gossip of the moment for his much-talked-about love story with Diletta Leotta.

It is rumored, in fact, that the two could get married very soon. Can, in fact, would have already formulated the classic marriage proposal to his beloved and according to the latest rumors, the date of the couple's fateful "yes" could be set for August 16, Diletta's birthday.

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