Back together again !!!

Back together again !!!

As already announced yesterday, Can and Diletta have overcome their first serious crisis and are back together. As a Rendez-Vous, they chose the Hotel Splendide Royal in Rome, a luxurious mansion that was the initial place of their love story, which is a good auspicious sign for the new start of their relationship.

She spoke of it to Striscia as a normal quarrel between lovers and that it would soon be resolved and in fact, he after a long and pleasant stay in the Coast has returned to Rome.

They visited a jewelry store in the Eur area that advertised Rolex watches, so maybe they'll offer themselves one as a memory of their escapade there.

Also, Mirko the Plastic Surgeon, Diletta's brother, was with them, accompanied by his girlfriend, and together they celebrated their renewed love with Can.

This morning, Diletta had breakfast at 10 am and then left for Milan. Immediately afterward, Mirko and his girlfriend left the hotel while Can took the opportunity to visit a Physio center in Rome and then return home to Colle Oppio. 

Against all the rumors, their love story ... continues!

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