Blanca Suárez with Can Yaman in Sandokan: 7 reasons why the actress is perfect for the role

Blanca Suárez with Can Yaman in Sandokan: 7 reasons why the actress is perfect for the role


For the moment, it's a mystery. And yes, more names have been mentioned, all Italian, to play Lady Mariana in Sandokan. But we are betting big on Blanca Suarez for these reasons:

1. She already knows the producers

Blanca Suarez filmed in Italy for Mediaset an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. And what was the production company? Lux Vide. Saying it like that, it doesn't make any difference to you. But if we add that it is the production company responsible for the new version of Sandokan... isn't that something else? In short, the producers know her and that's what matters most. And I'm sure they have in mind that this miniseries on RAI 1 got six million viewers and a 21% share of the screen. 

2. The vintage outfit

Look, it's true that everything looks good on her, but Blanca Suarez looks especially beautiful wearing vintage dresses and outfits. Just remember Las chicas del cable or Lo que escondían sus ojos. And now, in this project, we have to put together two elements: one, we are talking about the late nineteenth century; two, the fact that it is set in Malaysia, which has a much more exotic point to the costumes.

3. Her resemblance to Carole André

This French actress played Lady Mariana in the original version of the series. Maybe you can call us crazy, but we see that Blanca Suárez is very similar to her. So who better than her to play the new Lady Mariana, as this character is known in the books and with whom Sandokan falls in love.

4. She works out in the gym

Okay, not as much as her future partner, Can Yaman, but this is very important for the role of Lady Mariana. The character is not conceived as in the old version, as a helpless woman. On the contrary. She is going to be as fearless as Sandokan. That is, she is going to ride a horse, fight and handle the sword. And Blanca is in great shape and works her body hard enough to be able to take on this role.

5. Her background

Bella, Lidia Aguilar in Las chicas del cable, the Marquise of Yanzol in Lo que escondían sus ojos, Elena in El bar... We could tell you a lot of characters Blanca Suárez has played, but we would not finish. In general, she has played very strong women with a complex personality that she has defended to perfection. In fact, she has two Premios Ondas and a Platinum Award. That's why she is something. So we have no doubt that she will get into the skin of Lady Mariana without any difficulty, whether there are swords or not. Whatever they throw at her.

6. Language is not a problem

As far as we know, she doesn't know Italian. But that is not a problem to see Blanca Suarez in Sandokan with Can Yaman. She doesn't need to, first of all because we have to remember that Lady Mariana is of British origin. Besides the fact that the character has to have a certain accent, Blanca can speak English perfectly.

7. Amazing co-stars

Javier Rey, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Yon González, Martín Rivas, Mario Casas, Rubén Cortada... And we won't go on because we'll get dizzy. Blanca Suarez can boast of having had beautiful partners in her career. So she could add Can Yaman to the list. And that, moreover, ensures her to open even more doors in Italy, Greece or South America, countries where the Turk has millions of fans.

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