Blanca Suarez's training session possibly for her new role in Sandokan

Blanca Suarez's training session possibly for her new role in Sandokan

We have been stunned to see how she works out hard every day in the gym... Blanca Suárez's training program for Sandokan is very hard and effective because every day she shows off a more athletic and toned figure. 

The actress has put herself in the hands of celebrity trainer Crys Dyaz and she sweats her shirt off. Thanks to her Instagram stories we've been able to see her boxing (and you can't believe how she hits the bag) and also working with a metal bar, military CrossFit style. Just watching her makes us sweat!

But... why this training of Blanca Suarez for Sandokan? We have called it this way because we sense that it is related to this still unconfirmed project in which she would work side by side with the handsome Can Yaman for a new version of the adventures of the mythical character of Salgari. The Spanish actress could be preparing physically to join the cast playing Lady Mariana, although for the moment we don't know anything else... It would be a fantasy!

Of course, if you think about it, maybe she has also taken the opportunity to start with the bikini operation, although she doesn't need it, because she always looks great. Blanca is the image of Etam and we are waiting for the images of the new summer campaign as water of May, in which she will surely show her new body.

Meanwhile, the star of 'Las chicas del cable' is working hard following her trainer's instructions. "This girl has been training very well for a long time, but this year has been a very successful one," says Crys. Apart from freaking out about Blanca Suarez's training for Sandokan and waiting for confirmation of the project that would make her Can Yaman's partner, she is still filming Álex de la Iglesia's new movie, 'El cuarto pasajero' (The Fourth Passenger).

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