Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta: the clues behind the crisis. Her reaction to it

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta: the clues behind the crisis. Her reaction to it

The presenter of DAZN Diletta Leotta and the Turkish actor Can Yaman would be in crisis, after the announcement of the delay of the wedding: the reason behind it

Her Instagram profile is an endless source of updates, but nothing leaks out about her crisis with her partner, the Turkish actor Can Yaman, coveted and admired star now even of Italian TV productions. So Diletta Leotta said something about her relationship with the actor and the future wedding that would be postponed. The latest shots see her with friends for a pizza, studying and preparing for the live broadcast: solo photos of the conductor of DAZN who claims no more than her own individuality. The rumors continue to follow one another and she does what? She denies to Strip the news, after the Tapiro.

She denied the news

"The wedding has not skipped, all those things that are circulating are just rumors: the love story is true and I am very happy. We just need to do things with the right timing. He took himself off the social networks for business issues," said Diletta Leotta...

The story with Can Yaman: a fairytale atmosphere for Leotta
After the separation from the boxer Daniele Scardina, the relationship with Can Yaman seemed sober almost barely touched. All as in a fairy tale. However, according to Chi (who had discovered the relationship between the two) and Novella 2000 something would have cracked between them. Indeed, the director Roberto Alessi has revealed some indiscretions about their story:

According to rumors, it seems that she was the one who ended the party, and sent everyone home without a grand finale, especially Can. The macho charm wasn't enough. It seems that Diletta has not gone beyond the attraction and involvement of the early days of each story. Thus ends, for the simplest and most unassailable of reasons, the relationship that many have watched with skepticism from the beginning."

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, the reasons of the couple's crisis
Now, Can Yaman has disappeared from the social networks that had made their story official while Diletta has not removed anything from her account. A sign of détente or at least of conviction as far as her choices are concerned, which are not about to change: the TV presenter of DAZN does not intend to come back if not under certain conditions.

As the ring is gone, the actor's Instagram profile of the soap opera Day Dreamer is gone: in addition to the conviction of Alesi, there would also be the sources of Santo Pirrotta who in the Tv8 program "Every morning" announced the crisis while Leotta in the last photos posted appeared without the engagement ring on her finger, a jewel from Tiffany worth over 40 thousand euros.

Can Yaman and the loyal love for Diletta Leotta

In fact, the actor had been photographed with Diletta Leotta and also with his mother, the beloved Ofelia always by the side of the young presenter and journalist.

"It's a loyal love, in which I take my responsibilities, as has been seen. I have great respect for her, for our relationship and confidentiality is our first promise: what concerns us we communicate, together. When is the wedding that everyone is talking about? I'm someone who acts without putting in a lot of time, without mincing words. I go with the flow, fast. I think the instinct is in God's name. But on something let's keep it a surprise," Yaman told Vanity Fair a few weeks ago.

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