Can Yaman & Diletta Leotta a love nest overlooking the coliseum

Can Yaman & Diletta Leotta a love nest overlooking the coliseum

These are important days for Can and Diletta: here are the images that show the actor's moving from the hotel to the roman penthouse where he will start living with the presenter. however, both of them are planning to fly to Sicily first to tell their families.

Here we are. It's getting closer and closer. In fact, the most talked couple of the last few months, Turkish actor Can Yaman and the face of Dazn Diletta Leotta are ready to take the step. A wedding? Not yet (although some rumors are starting to circulate in late summer, beginning of autumn, although in Covid time it is at least unwise to even make predictions). Children? Not even, but of cohabitation, as we anticipated a few weeks ago, yes. In fact, as once again exclusively revealed by "Chi", here are the images of the (strange) movement of the two lovers and their entry inside which will be, from now ', their love nest in the Eternal City. Two hearts in a hut? Not really, since this time we're talking about a five-star luxury penthouse in Rome's city center, with a view of none other than the Colosseum. But let's take a step back: it's Monday and the first thing the translators move Yamen's clothes from the Hotel Eden (where the international star has been staying since January and where, among other things, the first kiss with Leotta) to his first home. Meanwhile, between one accident and another for too many clothes of the protagonist.

Over Rome. On the left, Can Yaman, 31, and Diletta Leotta, 29, arrive at their new apartment with their friend Roberto Macellari. Further left: above, the Turkish actor gets out of the car; below, here is also Dazn's host. On the right, they are about to enter the port: behind them, from the left, Macellari and Can's two managers, lker Bilgi and Cüneyt Sayl. Above right, Bilgi and Leotta looking out of the penthouse window overlooking the Colosseum. Below, Can and Diletta holding hands.

Rome. In the afternoon, the loading and unloading of Can Ya-man's clothes took place from the Hotel Eden (bottom left), where he has been staying from January to the present, to his new apartment (top left, the actor at the window). Operations that involved two trips and a few structural collapses (right and below). 

The couple enjoys taking turns (as documented on Diletta's Instagram profile) trotting at a gallop with their beloved Cassius, a white horse given to him by her on Valentine's Day. But in the late afternoon, when the sun stopped shining on the city and when the crowds hopefully found a place to rest.

It is hoped that the guests have finally found their right place, and here the protagonists arrive (together with their friend Roberto Macellar) in the apartment. Waiting for them at the door are their trusted managers and guardian angels (as Can described them to "Chi" a few months ago), Ciineyt Sayl and Ilker Bilgi. And it is precisely with Ilker that Diletta will face...

Without documenting anything on their social media, they headed for Fiumicino airport, escorted as always by their trusted collaborators. The managers took a flight back to Istanbul, while the couple took a plane to Catania to visit Rori and Ofelia, her parents. This proves that in recent days there has been no crisis, on the contrary. In Catania, among other things, in recent days (according to Instagram stories) there was also Mirko Manola, the older brother of Diletta.

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