Can Yaman: I'll marry her...soon!

Can Yaman: I'll marry her...soon!

The Turkish star Can Yaman appears on the cover of Vanity Fair in a photo that portrays him as handsome and seductive with women's hands looking to "capture" him.

The dream of many supporters around the world, with 8 million followers (almost all women) CAN, live on the profile of VF with the director Simone Marchetti tells the more than 40 thousand connected.

Lots of compliments for the actor who confides that he has finally moved into a house and is no longer in a hotel; without spoiling too many things pre-interview, Can talks about his childhood and the places that bring him back to his youth, always exciting him. 

While drinking herbal tea in total relaxation and with a smile on his face, he tells of some difficult moments in his life, but always looking for the strength and determination to never say "I can't do it".

 "There was a dark moment in my life when my father's job started to go bad (...)" ..."But if you live in the present, and commit to what you do, you don't have time for fear."

There are many good moments for Yaman, and even though leaving one's own country is never an easy thing to do, moving to Italy, overcoming the difficulties of the moment, is undoubtedly one of the best milestones of his life.

Proud, touchy but never rancorous, he confided that he has worked on himself to calm the "impetuousness" of his character and reach a more mature awareness.

In preparation for "Sandokan," he confides that this project struck him and won him over because of the plot and the romantic side within the film with a love story and the true rediscovery of the protagonist.

A chance to grow as an actor and as a man, a challenge to which it was impossible to say no. Can gives us valuable advice: "To get to your goals think positive, never lose sight of the light, live in the present."

To conquer the beautiful Can you must be positive in mind and with the right smile, the inner one to face life and what daily puts us on our path.

A man with great physical strength but with great sensitivity who easily becomes attached to places and people, a face with clean air and a noble and pure soul.

"I had a special friend, a little genius who only talked to me, and thanks to him I started to Study, win scholarships, and then become a Lawyer."

And then...the love for his Diletta, "a loyal love" as Can calls it, "and if God wills it, I'll marry her." These words will finally silence those insulting rumors about the couple whose only fault is that they want to live their love story with sobriety.

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