Can Yaman raises passions on Instagram as he prepares to be Sandokan

Can Yaman raises passions on Instagram as he prepares to be Sandokan

Can Yaman not only raises passions among fans in Spain. His success extends to many other countries in Europe, including Italy. Precisely in Italy, the Turkish actor is preparing to star in the new version of the classic character Sandokan, and as we can see in his Instagram profile, he has been training hard for weeks for the role with classes of all kinds such as swordsmanship, horse riding and various workouts with which he demonstrates to the followers that professionalism in his flag.

Although many successful adaptations of Emilio Salgari's novel have been made, the most notable is the 1976 series. In fact, the title was such a hit with viewers at the time that the lead actor became a fan phenomenon in the late 1970s, causing crowds wherever he went. Very similar is the expectation that Yaman provokes today.

On the verge of the 45th anniversary of the premiere of the mythical series directed by Sergio Sollima, Italian producer Luca Bernabei has decided to begin production on this new adaptation of the classic novel. And, the decision to count on Yaman as Sandokan seems quite right at first glance. If we look at the protagonist of the previous series, Kabir Bedi, there are several similarities with the Turkish actor. From the height and muscular body to the long hair and dark beard. Moreover, he has already demonstrated on more than one occasion how well he masters Italian.

Yaman has been living in Rome for two months training for the role. The actor has shared with his fans the workouts he is doing such as swordsmanship or fight choreographies. But not only that, but it also seems that he has to perfect his horse riding. In addition, we can see how he rehearses for the various sequences of action or danger, such as a scene with fire.

Although few details are known about the series at the moment, the story follows the classic novels of Emilio Salgari. Set in the 19th century, a prince of Borneo wants revenge against the British Empire. This story will be adapted to the eight episodes that make up the first season.

While the Italian series premieres, Yaman's fans can watch every afternoon on Divinity the latest Turkish series in which he stars: Marriage by Surprise. The story, in the purest Romeo and Juliet style, follows Tarik and Itir, two young university students who, after finishing their respective careers, decide to get married secretly behind their parents' backs, the same parents who have been at war for years due to a misunderstanding.

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