Can Yaman visits the children in the oncology department

Can Yaman visits the children in the oncology department

In response to the wave of gossip that has been involving his private life, Can Yaman responds with a grand gesture of solidarity...

Can Yaman is certainly not new to great gestures of solidarity. Already in the past, when he was in Turkey, he gave life, through his fandom, to a chain of solidarity helping two children. Pamir and Giovanni, two children affected by a rare disease, thanks to the money collected and to the sale of some of the actor's iconic clothes, were able to sustain the heavy expenses for their treatments. It' s not surprising then that one of the actor's priorities is to devote himself to his philanthropic activities, which mainly concern children. So, while the gossip world wondered what was going on in his private life, Can in total anonymity, paid a visit to the Pediatric Oncology Department of the Umberto I Hospital in Rome.

According to news reports, the surprise for the young patients was great, and there was a real race to take a selfie with one of the most beloved and controversial characters of the moment. Since his arrival in Italy to shoot the TV series Sandokan, Can Yaman has filled entire pages of newspapers feeding gossip and speculation, which concern more his private life than his professional one. However, the actor has recently responded to this in a very decisive manner, putting a stop to a wave of gossip that has been sweeping him since he set foot in Italy. It is in fact a few weeks ago his disappearance from social media has created a real storm, giving rise to allegations of all kinds.

It turns out instead that it was not a disappearance, but only a restyling of his Instagram profile that has reappeared with its more than eight million followers, along with some news. In fact, some images have disappeared and it has been announced the arrival of a new press office that will take care of his professional interests. This news has made very happy fans who have flooded with messages the new management...

A wave of affection that despite the gossip that runs rampant, does not tend to subside making him a unique phenomenon never seen before. A phenomenon that will now be further fueled with the arrival of Mr Wrong the new Turkish dizi ( TV series) in June on Channel 5, which will see him in the role of a playboy who will repent for the love of a girl met by chance. A professional change not indifferent, that the actor is embracing as he has done in the past, demonstrating that gossip leaves time to find, but are his professional interpretations that will leave their mark for him.

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