Demet Özdemir's emotional farewell to İbrahim Çelikkol

Demet Özdemir's emotional farewell to İbrahim Çelikkol

The handsome actor İbrahim Çelikkol has left the series 'The House You Were Born Is Destiny', which he shared with Demet Özdemir. The two actors made an emotional sharing after the farewell scene.

The 37th episode of the TV8 series "
The House You Were Born Is Destiny", which was broadcast last night, saw an emotional farewell. The character of "Mahdi", played by İbrahim Çelikkol, one of the main actors, was killed.

İbrahim Çelikkol shared his account on social media after Mahdi's death scene: Goodbye, Mehdi Usta. dedicated to all those whose dreams are half over.

"And my dear partner, Demet Özdemir. This is not the end, I am sure we will meet again for a long time. I thank all my co-stars, all of you separately. Our producer Onur Güvenatam, especially our director Çağrı Bayrak, as well as I have walked the same path since day one. My colleagues, I am glad you are here. Health to you all one by one ... "

"And of course to our audience who have supported us until today. So that the story of 'Zeynep could be completed, the story of' Mehdi ended here. I will now accompany 'Zeynep's journey as a spectator in front of the screen. Goodbye."

"You have always supported me. I will look forward to our past with happiness because I have always played with you. What a beautiful man you are, İbrahim Çelikkol! I'm glad that our paths crossed in this story, I'm glad that I met you... I will always be grateful to you for your love and tolerance for me. Maybe our story is here, but still in my life. Goodbye Mehdi Usta. "

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