Furkan Andıç and Selin Şekerci reunited

Furkan Andıç and Selin Şekerci reunited

Turkish actress Selin Sekerci - whom we have known as the tormented mother of Öykü (Beren Gökyildiz), Asu Yilmaz, in My Daughter -, and Furkan Andiç - the attractive director of marketing of Everywhere You, Demir Erendil, who has also been seen in Spanish playing Sinan from Sweet Revenge -, they are close friends and they show it from time to time. One of those occasions has taken place these days when they have not only been on vacation together and with other friends, but they have also been seen walking alone in a well-known shopping mall in Istanbul.

During their mini-vacation, both shared on their social networks an endearing photo was taken from above, where they can be seen lying head to head and very smiling and relaxed while sunbathing. 

Both Selin and Furkan have uploaded the same image to their respective Instagram accounts and accompanied it with an identical message, " Kicks off spoken and unspoken vacation. Best friends forever."

How long have the actress of My Daughter and the actor of Sweet Revenge known each other?
Selin Sekerci and Furkan Andiç met in the series Runaway Brides in 2014, where they played two lovers, and since then they have struck up a great friendship that lasts to this day. The actors regularly encourage each other on social media, wish each other luck for their new jobs and congratulate each other on their performances and success.

Although they haven't had a chance to work together again since then, they are both looking forward to it and when asked on their way out by Zorlu Mall, they announced that they may soon have a new project: "It's too early to say anything right now. But good things will happen."

Who are Selin Sekerci and Furkan Andiç?
So, although on some occasions it has been suggested that Selin Sekerci and Furkan Andiç could have something more than a friendship judging by the good relationship that unites them, apparently and at least for the moment, it is just that, a close friendship and a great professional relationship. In fact, Furkan has been sentimentally linked to Aybüke Pusat, something that the actor has already denied; and she apparently maintains an affair with the director of TV series, Murat Can Oguz, alongside whom she starred in Çoban Yildizi in 2017, and with whom she has been seen for the first time walking last March. "Our relationship is good, everything is fine. Thank you," they replied then when asked.

Selin Sekerci is a 31-year-old actress of Arab origin, characterized by large dark eyes, which highlight her attractiveness. She began her acting career when an accident forced her to take a break from dancing, which was her passion. After 13 productions and 14 years of career, she is about to release Yesliçam, alongside Çagatay Ulusoy and Afra Saraçoglu.

For his part, Furkan Andiç, also 31 years old - in his case just turned 31 last April 4 - is a prolific actor who has not stopped starring in TV dramas since 2014. His latest work was the comedy Cati Kati Ask in 2020.

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