Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin reveal hints of their romance: Bracelet, gym dates and family presentations

Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin reveal hints of their romance: Bracelet, gym dates and family presentations

The chemistry shown by Hande Erçel (27) and Kerem Bürsin (33) playing Eda and Serkan in Love is in the air is indisputable. But is there more between them than friendship and teamwork? According to their most loyal fans, yes. It is not a statement they make at random, since many are dedicated like true investigators to observe to the last millimeter each of the publications, Stories, and videos shared by the actors to catch them in oversight in order to confirm HanKer - the name created by their followers by combining their names.

1. The mystery of the bracelets and sweatshirts...

For some time, Hande and Kerem wore bracelets with identical chains, for him in silver and for her in gold, but they could never be seen in full. For this reason, when fans of the actors found bracelets on Aliexpress with the same chain ending with handcuffs, they did not doubt that they had to be the ones worn by their idols. However, this was never confirmed and a few days later these bracelets disappeared from the wrists of the actors.

There is evidence that they have an identical sweatshirt in gray with a small penguin drawing on the chest. Hande has her own, so could it be that Kerem is giving her his as a gift?

2.Teasing him at the gym

The actress and the actor share a gym, the Match Box Fitness. Kerem knew him before Hande did, but she is already a regular there, just like him. In fact, they often share Stories being there both of them but as if they were separated. The last time was just this week. Hande was having a coffee on her break while Bürsin was taking pictures of the weights and she wanted to send him a message: "Have you discovered that they also have coffee here?", Hande commented mentioning him on her Instagram.

3. Families are closely in touch in social networks.

Both Hande and Kerem are close to their families and both have a soft spot for their respective nieces and nephews. Erçel adores her sister, Gamze, and she and her husband follow Kerem on social media. For her part, the actor's sister also follows Hande on Instagram.

Moreover, there is a kind of HanKer detective living in Istanbul in the Twitter gossips who knows all the details of the relationship. According to her account, the couple of actors spends a lot of time at Gamze's house and even Kerem's mother has traveled from Canada (where she lives) to Turkey to meet Hande.

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