Hazal Kaya, who survived the coronavirus, started having a blood pressure problem!

Hazal Kaya, who survived the coronavirus, started having a blood pressure problem!

Actress Hazal Kaya, who reportedly contracted the coronavirus while filming the series, quickly overcame the illness and began shooting again. However, Kaya, who started having blood pressure problems after the virus, wanted to go to the emergency room for an echo. However, Kaya explained that they had learned that the emergency rooms at all hospitals were full...

Actress Hazal Kaya, who will return to the public with the series Midnight at Pera Palace, in which she plays the lead role, said that she was caught the coronavirus while filming the series. 
Kaya, who immediately quarantined herself at home, survived the process. Meanwhile, Kaya, who recovered from the illness, was back on set. However, Kaya said that this time she had a blood pressure problem in the set.

Hazal Kaya, who became sicker on the shooting of the series, was asked to be taken to the emergency room by the paramedic team that took part in the shooting. Kaya, who called the hospitals for echo pickup, was told that the emergency departments at all the hospitals were full. Giving information from the story section of her social media account, Kaya also said that she started having trouble finding a place in the hospital with more and more cases.

Indicating that there was a communication problem between the 112 emergency service and the hospitals, Hazal Kaya said she found this situation incomprehensible and strange. Stating that she was very lucky to be able to go home, Kaya said that those who were not as lucky as she were in a very difficult situation.

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