Jealousy between Can and Diletta !!!

Jealousy between Can and Diletta !!!


Following their moments of passion and acquaintance spent together, Can and Diletta are experiencing their first moment of crisis as a result of a jealousy "quarrel" that has momentarily driven them apart.

He's very jealous about his beloved and with a different culture from the western one Diletta lives in, possessive and passionate, he doesn't fit in well with her career as a Journalist, Influencer, and TV Personality and as a woman maybe he plays a little.

If she had really removed the ring, the quarrel would have much deeper reasons to be healed with all the love that needs to be brought out of such situations.

This explains Can's deletion from social networks and the reason why he made such a gesture makes us think about the story's continuation even if we are confident about the future... Love is not good if it isn't quarrelsome... even if jealousy doesn't go far...!

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