Kabir Bedi denies the news from Ansa: "I never said " There is only one Sandokan ".

Kabir Bedi denies the news from Ansa: "I never said " There is only one Sandokan ".

With a tweet, the actor who has gone down into history for having given the face to Sandokan has denied what was said by Ansa

Kabir Bedi, who also has the tick on Twitter that certifies his profile, denied reportedly news from Ansa. The face who is now inextricably associated with Sandokan, the Malaysian Tiger, has commented on a piece of news - in particular, the Twitter launch - that was given by Ansa and that concerns the new international event series by Lux Vide based on the book of the same name by Salgari that will see Can Yaman play the role of Sandokan. Kabir Bedi denies Ansa via social and specifies that he never said, specifically, that there would be only one Sandokan.

Kabir Bedi denies news reports: I never said "There is only one Sandokan".

" There is only one Sandokan! Will Can Yaman be successful? He's good but the audience will be the judge of that": Kabir Bedi, the face par excellence of the beloved character also known as 'The Tiger of Malaysia'", writes on Twitter Ansa launching the news. Kabir Bedi's prompt reply arrives, just a few hours later: the actor retweeted Ansa saying his opinion: "I never said, "There is only one Sandokan". I have always wanted Sandokan remade with modern technology. I'm sure Can Yaman will be a worthy successor. I wish him all success. I look forward to the new "Sandokan" series. . Kabir Bedi denies the news from Ansa, therefore, and that sentence he would never have said while speaking to the microphones of "Live from Hollywood".

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