Kerem Bürsin raises the temperature: the actor's sexiest photos will leave you breathless

Kerem Bürsin raises the temperature: the actor's sexiest photos will leave you breathless

Kerem Bürsin inspires a lot of passion. At this point in his career, this is nothing new. The success of Love is in the air has turned the Turkish actor into one of the most acclaimed faces of the moment. In his Instagram account, he accumulates more than 7 million followers who analyze, cheer and fill with "likes" each of his publications.

His attractiveness is not indifferent to anyone and in his social media, we can find some poses that steal anyone's breath. Below we compiled the sexiest photos of Kerem Bürsin. Ready? ready? go! Catch your breath because you'll need it.

Mirror, mirror...

Who is behind those little muscles?

And now that you've looked at the photo, try to answer the following question: how many bracelets is Kerem wearing in the picture? You had to look at it again, didn't you?

Suit and tie

Shirts and suits (or jackets) with a tie are the outfits that the actor is most used to wearing. Let's face it, it suits him like a glove! 

Bürsin paradise

Imagine going to the beach and meeting the actor - the views get better, there's no doubt about it! Although surely today, with the fame he has achieved, it must be difficult for this one.

Vitamin D
One of the most popular photos of the actor's social media accounts is this one showing him on a balcony lying on the railing as he toasts his body in the sun.

Love for animals

Cute boy + puppy have always been a great combination. If with his presence alone he melts his fans, the addition of the puppy is playing with even more of an advantage.

Which of all the photos is your favorite? Do you have any of them in your gallery saved like gold? The truth is that in Love is in the air the actor has also left us images to remember, many of them with his fictional partner, Hande Erçel.

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