Kerem Bürsin's confession has left an impact on social media...

Kerem Bürsin's confession has left an impact on social media...

Today, the handsome actor Kerem Bürsin, who made a name for himself with his successful performance in the series "Sen Çal Kapımı"", succeeds to get into the magazine's agenda with every move he makes.

Kerem Bürsin, qui prétend être avec sa co-star de longue date Hande Erçel, nie toujours ces allégations.

Kerem Bürsin is alone since he split with Serenay Sarıkaya 2 years ago. Talking to Alem magazine, the handsome actor made statements about his private life."Family makes life richer. But of course, it's a matter of preference. I'll be 34 in three months. My dreams have always been to be a father by 29-30. But we can't get married just to have kids."

"It's not just about being with someone. It's also about who you want to share your life with. If all the facts are available, why not?"

Kerem Bursin was in love with Serenay Sarıkaya at the age when he wanted to be a father. Their relationship lasted from 2015 to 2019. Kerem Bursin was 28 years old when the love started.

The name of the famous actor is often involved in love rumors with his co-star Hande Erçel.

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