Love is in the air Bige Önal's farewell letter to her father: I'm afraid to forget.

Love is in the air Bige Önal's farewell letter to her father: I'm afraid to forget.

Three weeks after the death of her father from a cerebral hemorrhage, Bige Önal, the actress who plays Selin in 'Love is in the air', wanted to remember him and pay tribute to him on her social networks.

In an emotional message accompanying a tender photo from her childhood, the Turkish performer has opened up and shared her feelings in these painful moments. "My life has always changed and developed by looking at you. In your absence, you are the greatest asset in my life," the actress wrote. "Since you left, I am afraid to forget. I know every curve of your face and your hand. I don't know what to do."

Devastated by the loss, Bige Önal has shared some fond memories of her childhood with her followers. "When I was a child I always looked at the door and didn't take my eyes off until you came. I will always look at those doors until my eyes see you. I love you daddy," commented the actress, who days later returned to share a new image with her father. "Let's meet in dreams."

Hande Erçel's gesture to her friend after her father's death
The death of the actress's father has revealed the good relationship between the stars of 'Love is in the air'. When Önal fainted a day after the funeral, Hande Erçel immediately went to Izmir to make sure her friend was okay. On seeing her, Bige Önal was grateful for the gesture and had some kind words for her. "This is what you call friendship," he told her. 

Bige Önal's confession about her brother
This was not the first time the actress opened her heart after the tragic loss of her father. Just days after the funeral, she opened up about her complicated relationship with her older brother, Patrick, who is the fruit of a previous relationship with her father in Germany. "I don't have a close relationship with him because I met him when I was 21. We didn't grow up together, he lives in Germany and that's why we couldn't be like family", she told a media report. 

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