Maybe it' s better to review everything !!!

Maybe it' s better to review everything !!!


Like many of you, I read the anticipations yesterday of Dagospia and, just a few minutes ago on the website of the weekly OGGI, a new rumor has emerged that from tomorrow we can read on newsstands.

The article talks about a scoop and the photo shows a kiss between Diletta and Ryan, she is a beautiful and controversial journalist of Dazn and he is the American scion son of the new President of AS Roma Sig Friedkin.

A kiss in "mold" as you can see or maybe tomorrow there will be more and the article refers to photos of December 20 and speaks of a love story that has been going on for months according to our source Dagospia.  

Now Diletta is happily "dating", as she herself said, with the handsome Turkish actor Can Yaman, a couple that arouses envy and jealousy but also a lot of approval from their followers who enjoy their favorites for better or worse.

Scoop??...then let's go step by step, in December Diletta had finished her story with Toretto and as a free woman she lived her independence, now we need to understand if it's true, and I have serious doubts that she has "two feet" in one shoe, and that is while flirting with Can would continue a secret affair with Friedkin.

This is a very bad assumption, also because there are no obvious proofs, so why do we have to muddy a woman, a love story with a picture taken 5 months ago? 

Who has the interest to throw shit on Diletta?

As a paparazzi, I dissociate myself from the behavior of Dagospia and the weekly magazine OGGI unless they have tangible evidence that Diletta and Ryan are still seeing each other secretly in this period otherwise it is not a scoop but just a free shit!!!

We are here waiting for evidence to refute such inferences.

Maybe we should all review our Code of Professional Conduct.

For now, I am far from these behaviors.

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