Mirko Manola, surgeon of the stars: My sister Diletta? She doesn't have to be a model, you need to have objectivity.

Mirko Manola, surgeon of the stars: My sister Diletta? She doesn't have to be a model, you need to have objectivity.

Diletta Leotta's brother, the plastic surgeon, gives his opinion on his most requested operations: mastoplasty, lips, filler. His model? " Many people admire my sister, but it takes objectivity and professionalism in the esthetic treatment". And about his sister (and her fiancé Can Yaman) denies the rumors.

Mirko Manola: "Plastic surgery should not be demonized".
"Plastic surgery should not be demonized, it should be known," he explains. First of all, warns Manola immediately, " no to overkill. Plastic surgery should not be exaggerated, but must be appropriate to the physicality of a person."

Instagram often gives a series of faces and bodies (fake) perfect, which can often create a sense of inadequacy in those who observe those images. "Don't look at what other women have generically: every physicality is different and you have to intervene differently."

"There are cases, however, where surgery becomes a valuable help," Manola points out. For example, she explains, if a woman "has a breast totally disproportionate to each other, and is ashamed to put on a costume, or to undress. In these cases, a person's life can be significantly improved".

Mirko Manola, the mastoplasty: "proportion is everything".

For Manola, in fact, the proportion is everything. "Do not ask for a fourth breast if you are very thin, it would be disproportionate on your body, unnatural," advises the doctor. "In general, the third is a measure that looks good on all women, figuring that you have to look not only at the size of the implant but also how it looks in projection. The important thing, I repeat, is that there is a proper balance and harmony with your body."

If a woman is thin but has a large chest, "she can get a third, but it won't be in projection, only in width. If, on the other hand, she is physically plentiful, we can play on the projection instead".

Mirko: "My sister is not a constructed beauty."

His sister has been accused of having had too much work done when she was very young and many have thought that Mirko was the author of Diletta's physical changes. But he sends the accusations back to the sender. "I often read that my sister is all redone but it's not like that, Diletta is not a constructed beauty: if all patients were like my sister, I could close!", Mirko points out.

"I have done very little, almost nothing, on her. She had a nose job for breathing problems and on the occasion decided to have a bump removed as well. There is no need to stigmatize: is there a small imperfection? It can be corrected. A breast that no longer satisfies? You can intervene.

Mirko Manola's relationship with Diletta Leotta

About his most famous relative, Diletta Leotta, "my mom married her dad when I was 3 years old," he says. Then, when I was 13-14 years old, Diletta was born. We see each other very often, as a family, we are very close. We do everything together, we have the same conception of a southern family". For example, explains Mirko, "we talk every day, we share everything, we like to travel together a lot".

"Can Yaman? A very good guy."

"We're going on a four-day trip," says Mirko, who really appreciates his sister's handsome boyfriend. "Can is a great guy, nice, theirs is a real relationship. Don't believe those who insinuate that theirs is only a media contact. Let's be clear: neither of them needs to get publicity, on the contrary. Maybe their problem is just the opposite, that is that they are a couple too perfect and too beautiful and maybe this annoys, causes some envy". 

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