Özge Gürel and Can Yaman's meeting in Italy drove their fans crazy.

Özge Gürel and Can Yaman's meeting in Italy drove their fans crazy.

The Yamaners are more excited than McGyver in a hardware store. More than Julio Iglesias on Father's Day. More than Marco in Surprise, Surprise. More than myself at an open bar buffet. Because there is news of a possible Özge Gürel and Can Yaman meeting in Italy. Yes, yes. In Italy. Where he is shooting Sandokan and where she is heading soon for "various projects", according to several Turkish and Italian websites. And of course, it didn't take long for the theories about a new work together, after Dolunay and Bay Yanlis, to start to spread.

Let's start at the beginning because it should be made clear that Can Yaman is loved, idolized, and desired by millions of fans in Italy mainly thanks to Özge Gürel. She was very successful there with the soap opera Amar en primavera, so when they premiered Dolunay, it didn't take much for her fans to set their eyes on her handsome partner. From then on, Can Yaman's relationship with Italy has been one of deep love, to the point that he has moved to Rome to film Sandokan and even met an Italian girlfriend.

Well, the fans of the artistic couple -who are also very many- are already speculating about the reasons that lead Özge Gürel to Italy. There is a lot of mystery about his plans, although some websites have pointed out some options, from shooting an advertising campaign to carrying out a project that has nothing to do with her ex-partner and close friend. But don't worry, no one is thinking about working with him in Sandokan. For that, we have the perfect candidate and she is Blanca Suarez.

But fans are not satisfied, they are eager to see them together and have two theories that are not so crazy, it must be said. On the one hand, that they are going to promote Bay Yanlis, their latest work, which Mediaset Italia bought to air this summer. So yes, it would be a way to see them together again on screen. And on the other hand (and much nicer, that is) that they are going to shoot a second part of the same series, which ended very abruptly because of the low audience it had in Turkey. But in the last chapter the characters, namely the two of them, end up with plane tickets to Italy. Enough for their followers to trust that there will be the second part of this romantic comedy, which even faced Turkish TV censorship.

We still don't know what will take the Turkish actress to the country of pizza and pasta, but we promise to investigate very hard to find out and tell you. And what we do know for sure is that Özge Gürel and Can Yaman will meet in Italy. That's why they are friends and they had a great time with Dolunay. And if that is not enough to be very close, I don't know anymore.

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