Romantic dinner for Can and Diletta

Romantic dinner for Can and Diletta

After the Sicilian parenthesis, the couple Can and Diletta returned to Milan for Leotta and Rome for Yaman.

Between arancini, Sicilian cannoli, and Leotta's house specialties, they alternated in cheerful and healthy romantic walks through the streets of Catania, Can had the opportunity to know and live the places that have seen the growth of his beloved Diletta.

They have been 5 intense days where they have embraced each other, the only moments "No" were when the fans asked for selfies to him ignoring the beautiful woman who was embarrassed but immediately reassured by her man who never made her miss his love.

Whether you like it or not my dear, but even no, haters of the couple they are a couple and if they marry or not we have to know no one can opt for the future even the mere mortals, for now, we see and discuss their story in respect of the parties without dietrology of fate, I have the balls full of "denialists" to have them even here in Gossip.

Make a reason and limit yourselves to observe no Love Story has the certainty of duration you always live in the moment and they are doing the same contrary to those who insinuate nonsense or "Money" that those who collect the truth should have had ... You are inept. 

Diletta immediately went back to her job at Radio 105 where, in order to be forgiven, she brought for everyone some magnificent "Sicilian cannoli" that were appreciated with pleasure, while Can took refuge in his new home in Rome to prepare the lunch that tomorrow will see him again together with his Diletta who will join him just after the Derby della Mole will be their first romantic dinner.

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