Suat Erdoğmuş complained to the prosecutor's office against Akın Akınözü! Here is the reasoning behind it

Suat Erdoğmuş complained to the prosecutor's office against Akın Akınözü! Here is the reasoning behind it

Faced with these statements, during this Saturday Suat Erdoğmuş, coordinator of the production who was accused of threats by the actor also decided to issue a lengthy statement that he published on his Instagram account, to give his version of events. "It has been necessary to make this statement against the unfounded news against me recently. On the day of the event on 19/04/2021, one of our main actors, S. Akın Akınözü, said that he would not be on the set and gave negative answers to all the staff who asked him," adding that the Miran performer left the location while making insults, and then lodged a complaint against him. He also commented that this situation endangered the filming of the final chapter.

"When he (Akinözü) found out that Yapımeı could seek legal recourse due to his (Akinözü's) behavior in order to reach a determination agreement on his departure from the set by the notary public, he came to the set and continued his work," he stated.

However, the most surprising part of such a press released by Erdogmus, points out that this is not the first time he has had problems with this actor. "In fact, this sad incident is not the first event that S. Akın Akınözü has caused us as well as our regular established crew members have experienced, and these attitudes and behaviors contrary to business ethics and the work contract have been happening for a long time. He would come to the set from time to time alcoholic and would not leave at the set time to go to the recordings, keeping all the staff and actors waiting for him, and even because of his behavior there were problems in finishing the episodes."

Finally, the coordinator points out that despite these situations, they decided not to take legal action against Akin Akinözü, since they had to deliver episodes to ATV Channel on time, and clarifies that they have witnesses to back up each of their statements.

These accusations have caused anger among the soap opera's followers, who point out that the facts related to the production are untrue.

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