10 things you don't know about Bugra Gülsoy, star of 'My Daughter'.

10 things you don't know about Bugra Gülsoy, star of 'My Daughter'.

1.Born in a dull city

Gülsoy was born in 1982 in Turkey's capital, Ankara, where he studied and lived until he started university, which is a feat. There is a reason why Istanbulis say, with mockery, that the most beautiful part of Ankara is the highway leading to Istanbul. Better listen to them.

2.Actor from an early age

Unlike the majority of Turkish actors, who nearly all began their careers as models, Bugra Gülsoy knew from an early age that he was a performer. From the age of 13 - he began with plays - he was already on stage.

3.First jobs in Cyprus

Soon, Gülsoy left Ankara and went to work in Cyprus in 2004, in the Turkish part of the island. There he founded the Cyprus Film Association where he wrote and directed a number of short films besides acting. With other filmmakers, he helped create Cyprus Short Film Festival.

4.With 'Fatmagül' on the way to stardom

His career is linked, somehow, to the story of Turkish soap operas. Until 2011, the actor had only played supporting roles. But in that year came the series 'Fatmagül', which launched the Turkish audiovisual industry to the stars. Gülsoy, in that series, had a supporting role. After that, never again.

5.Beard or no beard

Gülsoy is one of the few Turkish actors who change his beard style from time to time, something very special. Can Yaman, another world-famous Turkish actor, hardly allows himself to be photographed if his beard and hair don't have enough shape and consistency. Not Gülsoy: he is clean-shaven, with a shaved beard, a half-shaved beard, a stubble, or a very long beard.

6.A Korean adaptation

The series 'My Daughter', airing right now in Spain on Antena3, is not an original Turkish series, but is an adaptation of the Korean soap opera 'My Fair Lady'. The series premiered in South Korea in 2017, and in Turkey, starring Turkish characters, in 2018. This 2021 it has reached the Iberian Peninsula and half the world.

7.Writer of a book

In 2019, Gülsoy published his first book 'Birinci Kiyamet (The First Apocalypse), which deals with the life of Sabri Mahir, the first Turkish footballer and boxer. This book, only published in Turkish for the moment, will be the first part of his texts: the actor promised that this first Apocalypse would be followed by a second one. No date has yet been confirmed.

8.A Seljuk Sultan

In his latest production, which premiered in 2020 and still on screens right now in Turkey, the actor plays the role of Sultan Malik-Shah first, sultan of the Seljuk empire between the years 1072 and 1092. This empire, extinct in Central Asia in the 12th century, was the precursor of the Ottoman Empire.

9.Without the golden Butterfly awards

During his more than 10 years of stardom in Turkey, Gülsoy has yet to win a Golden Butterfly Award, the equivalent of the Goyas in the Anatolian country. He has been nominated twice, in 2015 as the best comedy actor and member of the best couple, but has never won. Time for the time.

10.A clean as a whistle camel

In Turkish, almost every first and last name has a meaning. There are few exceptions, and the actor's case is not one of them. The name Bugra means something like 'male camel', and the surname Gülsoy is someone who 'comes from a pure and rose-clean lineage'. Although it is not so pure anymore, because it is one of the most common surnames in Turkey.

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