A bomb has joined the Great Seljuks series!

A bomb has joined the Great Seljuks series!

Barış Arduç, the most wanted face on the screen, has signed up for The Great Seljuks series. After the contract was signed last night, Barış Arduç has joined the cast of The Great Seljuks. Barış Arduç, who recently starred in the series Çukur, will return to the screens with a surprise role.

Barış Arduç will be seen in the season finale with his new character. Barış Arduç, whose shooting will start this week, will join the series at the end of the 34th episode and will be the new main role after the 35th episode of The Great Seljuks.

After Barış Arduç joined the cast, there will be some separations in The Great Seljuks..The final date of The Great Seljuks season has been announced!

The final date of The Great Seljuks season, which will be the most challenging series of the next season by adding Barış Arduç to the cast, has been determined. The Great Seljuks series will have the season finale on Monday, June 7 with the 35th episode and the wait for the second season will begin.

With Barış Arduç joining the cast, Gürkan will appropriately be left in The Great Seljuks series. It is learned that the contract has been renewed with Gürkan Uygun, as well as Buğra Gülsoy and Ekin Koç, and no contract has been signed yet with Hatice Şendil and Sevda Erginci.

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