At the hospital, receiving oxygen and with his girlfriend by his side: the first image of Burak Sergen

At the hospital, receiving oxygen and with his girlfriend by his side: the first image of Burak Sergen

Thirty-seven days after being admitted to the hospital with coronavirus, Burak Serger has made a statement to the Turkish media 'Hürriyet' after leaving the intensive care unit, where he was admitted with serious respiratory difficulties.

From the hospital bed, with oxygen and accompanied by his girlfriend, the star of 'Kara Sevda' has told how he is and how these difficult weeks have been. "It's very nice to hold on to a part of life again," said the actor, who has not yet fully recovered. "His condition is good, but there are certain problems that COVID leaves. Occasionally he suffers from respiratory distress," his girlfriend said.

It has been very complicated weeks for the actor and his girlfriend, Nihan Ünsal, who has stood by him every step of the way. "I always felt Nihan. I knew she was always with me.

Back to work from the hospital

Although he will still have to remain hospitalized, the actor is already planning his return to the small screen with 'Sadakatsiz' ('Unfaithful'). And he will do it very soon. According to the script, the actor will make a video chat with his family, taking advantage of the fact that Haluk, his character, had a heart attack.

The actor tested positive for the coronavirus after two false negatives.

Burak Sergen's admission took place almost a month and a half ago when the family alerted an ambulance after observing that the actor presented severe respiratory difficulties, weakness, and fatigue. After being treated by the emergency department, the actor was admitted to the intensive care unit for a lung infection and underwent two Covid tests, both of which were negative. However, in a third test, the actor tested positive and it was confirmed that he was suffering from coronavirus.  

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